The Role of Kindness in the Modern World

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In this world full of antagonism, we all affray for existence, but the only thing that brings peace of mind is the hand serving kindness. Remember, any time you have been mean or curt to someone and that actually made you happy? No. It never ever brings happiness. It may possibly make one giggle for a moment and may sound like fun however it isn't. When at night a feeling that what you did to so and so person today the same may happen to you tomorrow will definitely scare you. Some people are rude for no apparent reason whereas kindness and friendliness are crying and dying at some corner. People don’t want to make friends, they just want to sit and chill with the same bunch of people and roast everyone else, mimic them, mock them and this isn't the only thing it gets worst when people term it as coolness! This isn't actually being cool, cool is something that never goes out of style, and being kind has never gone out of style.

Being kind is something that makes us caring and helpful to others. We all love to be cared for and helped and solicited, but why aren't we the ones to offer it first? A famous maxim reads ‘we always get what we give’, one should not sit back and wait for others. One should start the chain of kindness and make it long. I remember the time I saw a movie named ‘pay it forward’ were the recipient of a favor does a favor for three others rather than paying the favor back. A guy named Trevor does a favor for three people, asking each of them to ‘pay the favor forward’ by doing favors for three other people, and so on, along with a branching tree of good deeds and wellness. Movies based on such genres inspire the cosmos to serve people with love, affection, and kindness as that will always bring a feeling of satisfaction in every human.

High school students are indulged so much in social media that they have forgotten the value of communicating with people and make new chums in real. I remember the time of my schooling; it was the 1st day of 11th grade and a newcomer not so well-dressed entered the class. Few people started making fun of her appearance and were trying to bully her, everyone in the class saw that but instead of stopping those bullies, they joined them in their laugh. It was not so pleasing for her so I offered her a seat next to me, next thing I saw were tears in her eyes and a smiling face. That smile was worth a billion dollars. She thanked me for the same and that made me feel elated. Sometimes a small act of kindness can make someone feel wanted and happy. But, when you try to put others down it always seems that you are lying to yourself as everybody else knows the truth. This takes me to a very meaning full adage ‘But your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you've cheated the guy in the glass‘ from the poem ‘the guy in the glass’ by Dale Wimbrow. It teaches us that lying or cheating ourselves is the biggest sin and kindness is the cut-through from that way. We should never do something to someone, that we ourselves can’t bear. The act of being generous never fades away.

I recollect that day when I and my friends were chit-chatting about some of our childhood memories. All of it sounded like a hero or machos, hitting down someone, overpowering the corrupted grooves, the bad eggs but, my story was different, I shared a very sensitive movement of helping a lady cross a door or giving my chocolate to my younger sister. However, it ended up them making fun of my kindness. That day I felt that why am I not cool just like the others? I was disappointed, but from this, I learned that people are so judgmental about everyone. I realized that the recipe of friendship has a spoonful of touches of sarcasm and a bit of encouragement. But I never loosed hope. I learned that life is like vanilla, fewer to taste the tastier it is and the more you eat the bitter you feel. But now everyone is becoming aware of kindness, it has taken a wide step.

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Today's generation is also called the GRAM generation. We can share, like, sell or purchase anything from marketplaces on social apps, which is a trend these days. There are almost 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, and people/corporate do sell the T-shirts with various prints one of which is kindness, for instance ‘Kindness is the new cool’. So, this proves that people who understand the value of kindness do exist, just the pikes are to be built. One can always choose to be kind, but it is on himself how he/she can, and as per me, kindness shouldn't be just an option it should be brought to practical implementation. Maya Enista Smith, the executive director of born this way foundation started a campaign of kindness named #bekind21 which inspired me a lot. We all know the fact that we form a habit of anything that we do continuously for 21 days. So in this campaign people required an act of kindness for 21 days and share their stories with them. This automatically develops the habit of kindness in people and inspires the gram generation a lot, as they are fond of sharing pictures. Kindness has the power and magic in itself. It makes us feel that we have something in ourselves through which we can help everyone. It makes us as well as others are happy. Kindness helps us to open our eyes and to see the beauty in the world as well as the beauty in ourselves.

Orly Wahba's project of ‘acts of kindness cards’ inspired the whole generation a lot. Many times we feel as what we are and what we do really matter? With the help of this project, we definitely feel that yes it does. In this project, everyone is given a card of an act of kindness in which simple acts are mentioned which one has to perform and give another card to the same person whom they helped or showed kindness too. This created a large chain of kindness. And after following these cards one feels encouraged and empowered. We feel excited to do something new, it may be as simple as opening a door for someone, but it always makes you feel happy. Passing these cards makes the feeling of kindness infectious. People feel loved and so do we. And so it becomes the coolest thing ever. Acts of kindness move on and on and sometimes it comes back to us like a boomerang at the time when we need it the most. There are mobile apps to perform the act of kindness. We can set the goal, achieve them, and again work on some other acts. It makes kindness trending. The coolest thing about kindness is that it is accessible to everyone. Any act of kindness can be performed by anyone to anyone. There is no such boundary over it and this makes it the coolest.

When you act kind, you act confident and I believe that once you rise for what you believe in when you act with affection and kindness, those mean and negative people can simply fall to the edge. Backbitching, speaking harsh, roasting anyone, or speaking with negation about someone you work with, are friends with, are enemies with, are exes with, isn’t by any chance cool. It’s cool to be kind, to think bigger, to go above and beyond to operate from a place of kindness at all possible times is what I think is actually being cool. Kindness is a no-brainer! People are hungry for these kinds of positive, constructive experiences, which provide a solid foundation of self-respect and an effective antidote to the scourge of bullying in schools. Kindness is a force that can attack bullying and overthrow it. I can't understand why people in this world aren't nice to each other and don't respect each other. We are all people and every individual deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. I mean, the planet would be such an incredible place if folks smiled more and were simply nicer to every other. Being kind is one of the things that should be constituted primitively in everybody and sadly it isn't. Being mean to people takes such a lot of additional effort and thought. Saying thank you to the waiter after he serves, the watchman/security guard that keeps us secured, a sweeper who cleans down the street every morning, or the noble convoy who works for our system are some simple and kind things one can do, there shouldn't be any shame in doing this. Just imagine that precious, priceless smile you'll see on their face, undoubtedly that will make your day. Being kind is likely to make someone smile and if you see that smile for yourself, it might be catchy.

Kindness increases oxytocin, the love hormone which increases our self-esteem, energy levels, self-worth, and happiness. I believe that there's a large population of individuals who think like that, but, of course, not everybody will. Not everybody instinctually has the will or the urge to pay it forward and meet kindness with kindness. But shouldn't they? Lately, our world has forgotten what it means to contemplate others as much as we tend to consider ourselves. What we'd like is a revival of kindness, and the desire to be kind. People need a kinder mentality in a world dominated by such a lot of judgment and hate of things unknown. If we all could look up from our smartphones and our preconceived notions of how we should always act and how we should always be and simply acknowledged or even thought-about that human interaction is the true purpose for our being here on this planet thing might be different.

Consideration of others is direly needed. We need to assist one another, acknowledge one another, and be kind to each other. It starts with us and with the idea that our world might be a far better place and a happier place if more individuals thought so. Being kind is cool and more than that’s what actually makes us a human being. If kind were to become a cool thing everything would be a fun, welcoming, and happy place to be. Being kind can make you feel good as a person, also it can make others feel good about themselves, and can make the world a happy place to be. When you put other people down to make yourself look good you are only lying to yourself, everyone around you really knows the truth. Seeing someone smile because of something you did or said can also make you smile. Being kind is also a very enticing quality in another person whether it's a friend, relationship, or family.

Being kind can make another person feel better about them. If someone is having a bad day and you give them a compliment for no reason it can turn their whole mood and day around. If someone was not from around your area and you came up and willingly started talking to them and being friendly that could make them happy and feel at home. If someone was feeling insecure about the way they looked that day and you told them out of the blue they looked fabulous it can boost their self-esteem which is what you need to be happy. Kindness turning into cool would make everybody feel more excepted. People would start seeing the needs of different people and considering how they could help them instead of trying to make things equal. Also, people would be able to be themselves around everybody instead of worrying about not fitting in or others judging them. Kindness becoming cool would make the planet an amiable, receptive, and gaieties place to live in.

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