Adnan Syed Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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This last piece of evidence is very important as it complet----. In episode 9 of the podcast, a woman named Laura came out to Sarah Koenig testifying that “There’s no way, there was never any phones at Best Buy. There was never any phones around the Best Buy.” You could say that Laura was making this up, but Laura says she used to steal CDs from the Best Buy during that time and she remembers never seeing any phones. As a thief, Laura had to be aware of her surroundings, making sure nothing was in her way or making sure she was not seen, this can be used to prove she is a credible source. Sarah also says “We did a lot of research on this. Where it was, whether it was, we could not account for this phone booth. This important piece of evidence could be used to completely show Adnan’s innocence as this is where Jay tells the cops Adnan calls him to tell him he killed Hae on January 13th, 1999. Jay even tells the cops Adnan says “Come and get me, I’m at the Best Buy.”, Jay says Adnan was standing by the phone booth wearing red gloves by the phone booth when he arrived. So, if there was no phone booth back at Best Buy in 1999, that definitely leaves a big hole in Jay’s story, one that proves Adnan’s innocence.

People speculate that Adnan is guilty because of the Nisha call at 3:32pm on January 13th, it’s like a smoking gun. Adnan says he had loaned Jay his car and cellphone between 12pm and 5pm, and he also says he was never with Jay. Nisha was a friend of Adnan’s, so there would be no reason for Jay to be calling Nisha at this time. This call wa s 2 minutes and 22 seconds long, the significance of this call comes from the possibility that theres a chance Adnan made the call. If Adnan did make the call, it would put him and Jay together at 3:32pm, going against Adnan’s timeline, exposing his lies and then his guilt. It also happens to be a huge coincidence that around the time Jay claims to be burying the body with Adnan(7-8pm), Adnan says he “can’t remember anything”, this happens to be a huge part of the case, this looks very suspicious for Adnan.

There is why Adnan is innocent since there’s a huge amount of ignored information: Prosecutor’s intruding, Summer’s Testimony, and Laura’s testimony, but others believe he is guilty since he can barely remember anything past a certain time and also the NIsha call. There are a lot of opinions on this case ever since it first blew up on the internet, however this case has not been solved yet. Who do you think murdered Hae Min Lee? 

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