The Reasons I Deserve An Opportunity To Study Law And Criminology

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The root cause of my ambition to study Law and Criminology is based around my family background. Both my parents were police officers and my brothers studied criminology and worked within a court. I believe that the work my family members endured sparked my initial curiosity about the legal system and led me to studying subjects such as psychology and sociology.

Law and Criminology appeals to me as law is the fundamentals of shaping society which allows individuals to live peacefully and safely due to laws being equally enforced. I find it intriguing how laws play an important role in our socialization and how they have profound effects on our norms and values. Also, what interests me the most is finding out the motive of an individual’s actions and looking into why they did it and the factors that could tie in to them doing it such as their childhood and background.

In studying Psychology, Sociology and English Language I have been able to broaden horizons and expand skills and knowledge that would help me to pursue a degree in Law and Criminology. The first one being Psychology where I studied topics such as how memory affects eye witness testimonies. The second study that I believe relates to this course is Sociology. This is because I looked at a module called Crime an Deviance which looked at why people commit crimes and further looked in to detail about class, gender and ethnicity. Lastly, I studied English Language which would help me with this degree as I analyzed texts looking for specific, key points and developed my analytical and writing skills.

My dad became terminally ill when I was around 9 which led to me becoming a young carer and my mum eventually giving up her job to look after him full time. This has made me independent and I have had to do activities that my mum normally would have done. Being independent from a young age would help me with life at university whether that is to do with financial decisions or if I live in student accommodation.

During my gap year, I have been working full time in a pub which has developed and increased my skills. For example, my teamwork skills have developed as it can be hard working under pressure in a busy environment, so teamwork skills can help to alleviate some stress. I have gained skills such as customer awareness which is important as you want to give a customer the best experience so you need to be aware of their needs.

I completed a week of work experience at ABV Solicitors where I attended court multiple times. I also completed paperwork about the clients background, family and filed other cases they were working on. I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and it gave me a deeper insight in to what solicitors work involves.

After completing a Law and Criminology degree, I would like to complete a Legal Practice Course which will let me further progress into becoming a solicitor or a criminal lawyer.

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