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The Development of English Contract Law

The development of English Contract Law was massively impacted by Athenian and Roman Law which is by the Twelve Tables in 450 BC. Roman law of contracts where is found in Byzantine emperor Jusatinian’s law where it is called Corpus. Juris Civil (“Body of Civil...

Forms of Union of Marriage in Roman Law

Marriage was an integral part of traditional ancient roman way of life, thus it is no surprise that laws pertaining to the subject were constantly changing and progressing, particularly from the classical era to that of late antiquity. Most scholarly sources available to us today...

The Position of Women in Roman Law

In order to understand the full implications of what it meant to be a woman in Ancient Rome, one must be aware that the foundation of archaic society, and therefore its legal unit, was the family. The origin of women’s political and legal inferiority can...

The Concept of Concubinatus in Roman Law

Introduction Concubinatus can be defined by Jacobs as the ‘durable monogamous cohabitation between a man and a woman… which accrued to the status of unmarried cohabitation’. Concubinage is now recognized and referred to as ‘life partnership’ or ‘domestic partnership’ which further compares modern cohabitation to...

Stages of the Development of Roman Law and Who Influenced It

Roman law provides the foundation for numerous legal systems throughout the world and thus, an understanding of Roman law's basic philosophical influences and legal orientation is essential. You are still allowed to cite what the Roman jurists said in a particular case of law in...

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