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Analysis Of The Strict Liability In Tort Law

Introduction This essay seeks to explain on the principle of strict liability as explained in the law of tort. It will also show the elements that are needed to subside with the latter principle. Not only that but also to give a full explanation on...

Scottish Civil Law Structure and Legal Personnel

Introduction Trade Law is another name for commercial law. It is a set of legal rules which determine the duties and rights of groups engaged in trade and commerce and oversee disputes emerging from customary exchanges of buyers and vendors (, 2019). The civil law...

Hammurabi's Code: Then and Now

Hammurabi was the most well-known Mesopotamian king that ruled the Babylonian empire from 1792-1850 BCE. He wanted to keep his empire organized and supervised. Also, he wanted to keep everyone and everybody on one system. To do so, he created a set of rules. He...

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