Essay Samples on Justice

The Salem Witch Trials: Horrific Tragedy of Injustice

“During the colonial period, nearly three hundred women were accused by their neighbors of performing witchcraft. Although those accusations spanned approximately the first century of English settlement in North America, about half were voiced during one ten-month period in 1692.” (Salem Witchcraft Trials). In 1962…

Death Penalty as A Tool of Injustice

Do you remember those times in grade school when you had to sit out at recess because your teacher thought you did something you were innocent of? That was brutal punishment as a kid. You felt so angry because you missed the chance of playing…

African American Youth In The Criminal Justice System

Various behavioral correction practices implemented in learning institutions have quickly increased the number of African American youth that have run-ins with both juvenile and the adult criminal systems. Through these practices and societal inequalities,African American youth are being funneled into the criminal justice system more…

Formal And Informal Justice Systems

In chapter one, the book goes over the differences between formal and informal justice. Formal justice is “a process that takes an offender through a series of decision points beginning with arrest and concluding with reentry into society” (Siegel 10). Informal justice however is when…

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