Motivation Of People Seeking For Revenge

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People tend to become extremely motivated in the pursuit of seeking out revenge on others for various reasons. From something mediocre to an extreme. Revenge is the forceful desire to inflict hurt or harm to another for a wrong suffered at their hands or just simple retaliation for an injustice they received from that other person or group. But, is revenge right or wrong? Or is revenge good or bad? Can revenge be justified? Are the consequences of revenge worth it?

Many believe revenge is a basic human instinct, a genetically hardwired behavior that is strongly weaved into ourselves. One that we simply can not ignore its call. The argument over revenge is centuries old but the main points have continued to stay the same throughout the years. Shakespeare said, “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if your wrong us shall we not revenge?” In Shakespeare’s writing during his lifetime, it was abundantly crystal clear he believed revenge was normal as us today drinking a cup of steaming hot coffee in the early hours of the morning. It all depends on the situation and one’s personal beliefs injustice.

Justice, in its broadest definition, is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, or equality. Or the act of being just or fair in response to a wrongdoing. Justice is about restoring the balance but revenge, on the other hand, is about retaliation after wrongdoing has taken place before them. Revenge in our government will never officially be justified by our laws but that does not mean revenge cannot be morally justified. Being morally justified means one believes they have done good, however, someone with different opinions on the issue at hand may say you were not.

If it is human nature to seek out revenge, will getting even make one feel better or worse in the long run down the road? Getting an eye for an eye, an old saying is believed to bring closure. Most people will not go to the lengths of receiving felonies or prison time. But, our day-to-day lives do include small acts of retaliation such as spreading rumors about someone that may or may not be true. Revenge may make one feel momentary satisfaction but no one wants to spend a lifetime trying to make amends to gain back the relationship lost from their actions. I do not believe revenge is worth the loss of a valuable connection with someone you may never get back. After the fog of anger fades and clarity on the subject comes to light in your mind you may find yourself at fault after all and what will you do? The only next course of action is to try to mend the pieces you broke along your way of seeking vengeance. Revenge is an unhealthy state of mind and revenge can ruin the things you hold most dear.

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