Standing Up Against Police Brutality And For Your Beliefs

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Tupac Shaker exclaimed “This so called ‘Home of the Brave’ why isn’t anybody backing us up!” The battle and struggle of racial profiling and civil mistreatment from police has diminished through the course of the 20th century. From the era of slavery in America to the movement of Martin Luther King Jr., a presence of this controversial injustice has yet to dissapear. A world where people depend on the government to protect them with laws appears as the initial thought, but chaos erupts when justice gets justified. Clearly, many will act to protect their liberty and purpose by expressing their beliefs to the country. Particularly, police brutality of races have set pavement to citizens, whether a victim or not, to retaliate in some lawful, but often hateful manner. In our age of government, police brutality has been protested using ethos and pathos to gain attention of the world watching and sparking fear to the police association causing the injustice.

To present a bold statement against police brutality and racial profiling, notable figures use ethos to enact controversial behavior that would have many notice. For instance, Colin Kaepernick, 49ers NFL quarterback, took the initiative to sit down on the bench while the national anthem played at a game to protest recent acts of police brutality against two black men shot dead. (“Leap of Faith”). How could he have the courage to protest in a disrespectful manner? Obviously, respecting the flag during the national anthem is a sub-conscious thought, but he felt obliged to enact because he was not breaking any NFL policies. Especially, as a famous athlete, many would provide their opinion in response. In fact, alongside Kaepernick, “two members of the opposing team followed” (“Leap of Faith”) in kneeling during the national anthem (“Leap of Faith”). Hence, this involvement shows a prime example of a bandwagon effect where his status of playing in the NFL made it clear that he was “a national figure” (“Lewis Suport”). Moreover, going into the 21st century, the viewpoint of racism and cruelty by police has yet to go unnoticed. Following the protest by Kaepernick, other sports teams, let alone the NFL, have begun to join by kneeling during the national anthem (“NFL Kneels”). Many would oversee an ordinary activist protesting. However, when someone with a reputation at stake commits an outstanding act like dishonoring a country, followers will more likely get involved. Furthermore, Jenifer Lewis, an awarded actress, showed her support for Colin’s act by wearing NIKE because Colin recently featured in one of their ads (“Lewis Support”). Ultimately, Colin’s actions made it “common to see players, coaches, and team owners kneel” (“NFL Kneels”). His celebrity status set him at a position to influence others to follow in his footsteps to protest alongside him, regardless of the risk.

Police brutality has sparked incredible rage into those who oppose it, but with the use of pathos, some take the distance to spark fear and abomination into police associations. Micah Xavier Johnson, a former army soldier, attempted to spread hatred, horror, and grief into the subjects of his resentment. Unjust white offcers treating black people fulfilled his anger, he told police negotiators. As a result, Johnson ambushed the police officers, specifically white officers, in Dallas (“Dallas Shooter”). Johnson’s anger made other protesters around the country follow carry on his motives. Consequently, anti-police brutality protests spread across the nation and appeared in major cities such as “Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Washington DC” (“Following Tragedy”) etc. Johnson aggravated the stereotype of white police officer racial prejudice. Therefore, his intention to spark fear into the police only rose tensions of prexisting protests. Because of this, the protests around police cruelty stirred up from the recent incidents regarding harsh treatments of minorities. In fact, protests turned more violent then recently seen in the past decade (“Following Tragedy”). Micah Xavier Johnson’s fraudulent use of pathos unified people in his retaliation against police brutality by inducing fear to the police force.

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Many come to a land for freedom from insecurity of prosecution. Paradoxically, the police pose a threat to those who look up to them to serve and protect them. When people are harmed, threatened, or harassed when standing up to justice, riskful incidents and violence rise. When discrimination and police injustice is eminent, notable figures can easily make others follow. In more drastic motives, some may go the distance to bring horror and grief to the assosiation that poses hatred.

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