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Copyright Concerns for Remixing Music

In 2019 remixing music seems like a perfectly normal thing and is available to everyone who is interested in doing it. All you need is basically a computer and a few songs and voila – you’re a DJ! But the law doesn’t really allow for...

Creativity And Originality Within the Limitations of Of The Copyright Law

The argument about the justice of creativity and originality with the enforcement of the copyright law is totally in the favor of producing the creative content within the limitations of the law. As the government provides the access to the content generators, it is their...

The Intellectual Property Laws in United Arab Emirates

Consequences of IP Infringement Intellectual Property violation is an out breaking criminal offense in the UAE. Many traders sold unlocked set-top-boxes which given access to several free exclusive channels. The circumstances fall under the Federal Copyright Law No. 7 and Federal Trademark Law No. 37...

Origin And Development Of Copyright Law

Introduction This chapter predominantly deals with the analysis of the Origin, History and Development of the Laws related to the protection of Intellectual Property in a Copyrighted Work.Intellectual property is the inventive, creative or ingenious work of human mind and intelligence. This property is primarily...

Definition of Copyright Law

Copyright is the part of Intellectual Property Law, which administers the utilization that is made whether certain inventive results of the mind that are basically articulation of imaginative origin. In the other hand, Copyright is with respects that the verbalization of the thought on which...

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