Taking A Stand Or Winning Is Not Everything

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In our society being a winner symbolizes success. But that is wrong. If a team is winning anyone can support that, it takes no courage but supporting a team who’s losing it takes a lot of courage. It is important to take a stand for what is right even if you are standing alone. I think taking a stand is the most powerful and credible thing that a person can do. The society has become a thing where people might get judged for taking a stand but it’s okay to stand for what you believe in because you never know others might feel the same way as you.

Of course, it’s not that easy but you have to get over all the fears and criticism in order to take a stand. I presume that sometimes when we stand for what we believe in we might end up being in some bad situation but that doesn’t mean we have to stop standing for what we believe in. Also, we might end up making bad decisions. If you make bad decisions then you will learn from it. In the future, you won’t make the same mistakes again. Taking a stand and learning something from it is way important than just winning. Because we all learn lessons when something doesn’t go well or when we don’t win.

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Winning feels great but it doesn’t count more than taking a stand. Winning isn’t everything. Because the problem with winning is that we never have to face our demons. For most people continuously winning might ruin their talents. When you win you feel like you did everything perfectly, you did what you were supposed to do, you feel like you know everything and you are better than everybody and slowly you stop putting effort on things because you feel like no matter what, even if you work hard or no, either way, you will win.

Others who take stand they keep fighting for what they believe in and keep developing new things. They learn and grow. So taking a stand does count more than winning. I have stood for some things too. I was scared and alone but trust me once you raise your voice you will feel better. Especially if you are getting bullied or see someone else getting bullied you better speak up because most of the people seem to ignore this type of things.

I’ll give an example of how I stood up for myself or how I still stand up for myself. So people say mean things to me about my height. Even some of my relatives have problems with the way I look. I get asked, “why do I look the way I look?” Obviously I don’t have an answer because God created me like this, I can’t control anything. Before when people use to ask me irrelevant questions like that I use to just listen to them smile and say nothing because some of them were way older than me and I didn’t want to “disrespect” anyone by saying anything. Later, it got to a point they were crossing their limits and I got sad and tired of listing to the same thing every single day. So now whenever anybody says anything mean to me, I just tell them ‘oh thank you I appreciate it’ or ‘ I know tell me something new’ or I start being sarcastic and they get so confused and probably think that I’m crazy but it helped some of them actually stopped. I see myself in the mirror, I stay around tall people so every single day you don’t have to remind me anything I know how I look. Anyways I’ll keep continuing to stand up for me even if they think I’m being disrespectful and all of you should stand up for yourselves too because nobody else will. Nobody has the right to talk or laugh about anyone’s skin color, height, weight, race or ethnicity. Taking a stand is important. Even if you don’t win taking a stand does make things different. It’s easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone. 

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