Why Aren’t You Succeeding?

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Facing our fears is one of the most important steps towards any successful endeavor. That may include undertaking new goals, fighting off misconceptions and finally to prove to ourselves it can be done. The strangest part is after battling the external forces, you need to also fight the internal ones as well. Here’s where most of us would fail. Thus, old habits are hard to break.

Understanding Change

Let’s imagine for one moment, that it’s the final step before reaching your goal and then you hear that creepy voice telling you, ‘you’re going to fail’. Because you believed so much in yourself, even in the negative thoughts, you become affected. So as I thought about the obstacles that I’ve overcame, getting near to success seems scary. It absolutely is. Everything I have done, worked hard for is then to strip away that which I have had and now don’t want? That really sounds attractive. 🙂

It could be the jitters I’m getting much like that runaway bride syndrome. I’m glad that didn’t happen to me. However, as I thought about change, it become apparent – I won’t let things go. I’m holding on to unnecessary weight and have further grown attached to some habits that it has become hard to toss out. Thus, through these attachments, the fight to hold on is so strong that it’ll even convince me that I’m not ready. Furthermore, it’s telling me I’m not good enough.

So When Are You Ever Ready?

With many of the things in life, you’ll find you won’t be ready for much. If you think about it, we didn’t plan for them as well. We’ve followed a system that has molded, branded and even influenced us to think for ourselves. Sometimes with not very good results. However, those of you who have mastered the art of seeing through the clutter, good for you. Your success is something we all strive for. On the other hand, it depends on the eye of the beholder.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re not special. We didn’t want to. Ah, now here comes passion. How much of something do you really want that you would work day and night, hour after hour and even sacrifice some of your social life for? That’s something a lot of us don’t plan for but it comes with our wants. Yet, we don’t want to work hard for it. We want it on a silver platter like welfare benefits and even employment with insurance.

Just step back for a moment and look at how making ideas can happen. It doesn’t stop with thinking. The hard work and consistent effort in feeding your ideas continuously is key to what will eventually become your success. That can go both ways, good and evil. For many of us, that’s pretty much in blogging now. So how hard are you working on driving feedback to your content?

Making Sense of Wants

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Lately, with new projects under my belt it has become evident, leveraging different streams brings with it new experiences. When you have work, you don’t think so much of the irrational stuff. It’s when you start becoming comfortable and fall into the trap of thinking you’ve been there that you’ll resolve into your old ways.

Now I don’t know if anyone else has had this feeling. The support in my life is the best it has ever been both on a peer and social status. So screwing up is the last thing I want to do but somehow putting doubt behind doesn’t seem realistic. I’m not saying I like negative thinking. No, au contraire, I don’t like it. In fact, those of you who have followed me so far know that I’m a really optimistic person.

Furthermore, at every stage you’re going to encounter challenges. Without them, it just doesn’t seem real. Why? The habit of instilling worries has been so ingrained in many of us, getting rid of them requires a totally new mindset. I think we’ve all heard of this before. It’s always the mindset but what in the whole wide world does that mean?

Well, let me tell you what it means. It means changing the way you’ve been thinking about success. Changing the way you’re talking about it as well. It also means changing the way you’ve been seeing yourself in terms of winning. Does that make sense now? Kind of simple but we all make it so complicated.

What Success Don’t Mean

Success has always been seen in terms of monetary assets on a social status and around here, where I am, I’ve come to see money as the root of evil. Perhaps the jealousies of folks who have NOT had success has spoiled my thoughts. Furthermore, I have taken their thoughts and learned to believe that they are mine. Thus, I’ve followed a crowd that has turned off my mind.

Take that thinking and go way back now. All of us are one way or another affected by negative thinking through our peers, our relations and even our own adaptation to the noise. Through time, not only does it become our way of life but more or less our limits. So ask yourself right now, ‘Why aren’t you succeeding?’

Are you following, being stepped on or going against the grain to change?

For me, it’s simple. I’m just afraid of being on the other side. Never been there. Never done that but I’m sure whatever illusions are challenging me, I’m willing to challenge it back. With support, anything is possible. It’s time to stop the following, let whoever wants to step on me fall. Most importantly, go against the grain no matter how harsh those hairs can be. Heck, I didn’t survive the horror up to now to give up. I think you should give yourself a chance too. Together, we can fight our illusions and achieve the wants which we’ve been working hard to see.

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