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In Pursuit Of Joy And Happiness

Somebody told me yesterday that I will achieve my inner peace when I would finish what I had started. At that time, I haven’t finished my chocolate cake, but I finished it when I got the support of my friend. Same as chocolate cake, we...

Personal Mission Statement: Interest In Journalism

Journalism is the industry of gathering and presenting news and information. It is a fast-paced environment that always offers new challenges. It ranges from the former art of newspaper writing to modern online Journalism. It is an industry that will always have a fundamental place...

The Motivation to Propose Career Goals

The objectives can be short, medium or long term. For example, learning a language is a long-term goal while passing a subject is a medium-term goal. Short-term goals can be as simple as confessing one’s feelings to another person, but they still remain a form...

Leader I Want To Be: Why I Want To Be A Leader

Being a viable leader can be trying on occasion. There are numerous ways one can approach leading and there are a few techniques that work better for some. An important inquiry for leaders to consider at a time in their lives is: What do I...

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