Use The Technology To Share My Culture To The World

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Charting action strategies for achieving my goal:

Thanks to Royal Roads University, I’m able to be in diverse community. Every class, every team brings out new cultures and experiences. Team work can be very challenging but during class session I have learned a very useful team mapping exercise to build a better team but also understood my team members more effectively. In order to chase my goals, I have to start from developing and defining myself. Mapping team exercise was very helpful to me. Such as I never knew if I was a task or process oriented or if I was an individualism. This exercise helped me to understand define myself but also helped me to recognise my team mates. If I get very good at this team mapping exercise, I will be able to travel and work more efficiently overseas.

Another strategy for achieving my goals is about controlling and managing ethnocentrism. As I’m aware of many different cultures, I should never judge another culture based on standards of my own culture. The reason why I say control and manage ethnocentrism is because it has advantages and disadvantages. Such as for advantages, it creates a feeling of belonging or it allows us to keep the traditional cultures safe. The biggest disadvantage of being ethnocentrism might make us to promote false assumption towards different cultures which we have to minimize it.

Lastly, balancing knowledge, mindfulness and skills helps to promote healthy cultural intelligence. We have to extend our knowledge of what culture is, how cultures vary, and how culture shapes our behavior and also culturally intelligent person needs to be mindfulness towards others which is connected directly to patience which I mentioned above. IntroSince I was a little kid, I’ve always found different cultures very interesting. The older I got, the more cultures I’ve experienced has developed my cultural intelligence and awareness. The biggest impact for building my cultural intelligence was through traveling for me. I have encountered many different cultures and which I found some of the cultures were strange for me. But that thought has changed into normal for me as I think back those cultures due to my cultural awareness growth. Another important factor for me to progress cultural intelligence was through the advantage of technology. Technology enables us to receive and share cultural knowledge just in a seconds which also is the biggest factor regarding globalization.

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