Using Personal Stregnths for the Personal Branding

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Everyone wants to achieve his/ her dreams and goals. We all wishes to be a successful person out there. Selam is such a person who always work hard to be successful with her dreams. Coming from uneducated family background. that gives me great opportunities to step into the education environment. Also, which helped me to identify who’s really Selam is. To be successful in todays world we should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves. Those are the most important keys in life because, if I can identify my strength and weakness. It will be possible for me to see where I can fit or how I can get myself ready to fit in the future.

Most of the time it’s hard to identify our own strength deeply, however I believe my personal strengths is that am willing to learn new things and being an open- minded person in any situation. I found myself to be adaptive to new situations. In life being an open -minded person in this world that is constantly changing and forming is an extremely a good way to be successful in any situations. For example, working as a pharmacy technician, I always found myself as a very super energetic around people. I always keep in mind that I need to be cheerful and energetic in doing my job. It’s very easy for me to put myself in the position of the people I am dealing with. My personality is my success to make others day cheerful and helped me to keep myself productive during the day. My strengths are the key to my success.

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Knowing your weaknesses is important to know as much as knowing your strength. My weaknesses hold me back from achieving my dreams in many situations. I feel that being shy is one of my weaknesses. I am a very shy person who have difficulty express my feelings. When I say difficulty expressing my feelings. That’s not something I would say it affects me in all situations. I don’t like showing my feelings for example, I might share my opinion with others at work or school. However, always found myself ashamed to show my emotions to my families or people that are close to me. For example, my relationship with my families and my boyfriend was very difficult by not showing them my affection. It’s important when others tell you what your weakness is. That have been my strength to start expressing my feelings immediately is a magic. Opportunities have the ability to just happen to us. I would say I have the opportunity to get a better education. It’s my choice either to use my opportunities to be successful. For example education is one of the most important thing to be successful in life. However, its important to know how can I use these opportunities , how these opportunities help me to deal with weaknesses.

I face so many obstacles in on my path to success. One of them could be working full time and attending school the same time. That makes me feel sometimes that I should give up on my dreams. However, I love talking to people in person rather the social media. I found that in person communication is very important because, I love to experience, emotional, and also most importantly experiencing immediate feedback. Among other advantage come along with face to face communication. One of the most important reason that people use social media for so many reasons it could be for good or negative reason. For myself I used to use social media for example Facebook or Instagram for share my every day experience with my families and friends especially for those I don’t get to see or get contact daily. Even though we don’t get the chance to talk how we are doing those social media will shows how we don’t. however, from my experience some people use it in a negative manner to affect you and your surroundings. That is one thing that I have managed to avoid social media.

My weakness is that I don’t usually start a conversation with others. I believe attending in different networking opportunities will help me to develop my relationship with others and also my confide dance. We all have different opportunities for success. On my search for success there are many opportunities that I have available to me on hands. My education is one of the opportunity. Which gives me to choose to either take the advantage to be successful or miss out the opportunity. For example I may not take the opportunity to get education in any field and not worry about my dreams. My personal strength includes my ability to be perfectionist, determined and hardworking. To create your success you need to let others know your goals and aspirations so they can assist or guide your progress.

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