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Theme Of Heritage, Culture, And Family Values in "Everyday Use"

When taking a closer look into the culture, heritage, and family values, we often revert to what is special to us. What we do in our childhood affects us, in the long run, every day. Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” does just that by invoking readers...

The Type of Daughter in Law for Parents

I’m close to a 4.0 student, I finished my college at 20, I finished masters at 22 and I've been working for almost 2 years,I'm going to get my MBA soon. You know I’m driven, kind and how extremely family oriented I am. Srushi is...

A Light-Hearted Letter To My Future Daughter

Dear future daughter, I decided today that your name will be Ellen. Yesterday it was Zoe and tomorrow it might be Jade. Doesn't matter really, it's just something for the rest of the world to know you by. To me, you are Precious. Precious because...

Family Planning: Son and Daughter in China

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The Chinese have been discussing this topic for thousands of years, and presumably will always be a topic - why do Chinese people prefer sons over daughters. Today, in the 21 century, China is already at the initial stage of socialism. The idea of patriarchy should not appear...

Review Of Jawaharlal Nehru's Letters From A Father To His Daughter

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A daughter’s father is in prison, to make up for the time he wasn’t with her he wrote letters about life itself and all the morals that comes with living. The father’s only way to keep in contact with his daughter is to write letters...

Two Kinds By Amy Tan: The Relationship Between Parents And Daughter

Among immigrants, there is a conviction that anybody can accomplish anything in the United States regardless of its identity in the pith of the American Dream. For years, America has opened its doors to anyone who seeks employment, freedom and other opportunities people can place...

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