Personal Mission Statement: Interest In Journalism

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Journalism is the industry of gathering and presenting news and information. It is a fast-paced environment that always offers new challenges. It ranges from the former art of newspaper writing to modern online Journalism. It is an industry that will always have a fundamental place in today's society. This is the reason why I would like to engage in a course that then could allow me to join the world of Journalism. I have a distinct interest in Journalism because of the limitless extent which is covered by the subject. In this essay I will explain my personal mission statement of being a professional journalist. 

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Journalism covers every subject matter possible, from music to sports, from business to current events. I would like to enroll in a business that could allow me to depart off in any of these directions, and also to follow up; feasibly with the opportunity to specialize in a specific area. After completing the course, I hope to enlist in an occupation in either printing or broadcasting journalism. I would even like to work in a job that may allow me to mix the two. In the future, I would like to be able to work for an enormous institution such as the BBC. Throughout my life, I have always found myself writing about topics from essays to just simple letters to people. I have always been intrigued by writing owing to the fact we give our outlook of things but also to educate the world about what's going on. I get very involved in writing stories and I put a vast amount of detail into them due to the fact it makes the story more enticing to read. I have done this from a young age as I find written work is more convenient to put into context than having to say it out loud.

I am currently studying A-Levels in English Language & Literature, Law, and Philosophy. I feel that these subjects, notably English and Philosophy have assisted in my choice of a Journalism course. The two courses have allowed me to develop my essay writing skills. As part of my Philosophy course, we have many class discussions in debating many active ethical issues which is something I would like to develop even further through Journalism. My desire to work in the Journalism industry was further launched this year over the summer break after finishing a book called, ‘On Camera' by Nancy Reardon which gave me an understanding of how to offer the best stories and how to conduct interviews. In year 10, I was a Youth Travel Ambassador which required me to conduct numerous assemblies to all year groups about safety travel. And also, I am no stranger to working in teams due to my experience as 'Debate Mate' in year 8. I believe that I can readjust to new topics with ease. What I attained as a result were techniques such as the seriousness of critical thinking, the understanding to create a well-ordered speech, how one can accurately compose an argument, and how to investigate a certain topic in a narrow amount of time. Understanding and refining these strengths has governed me to become more vocal and substantially more confident in myself.

I have many different hobbies, some of which involve filmmaking, which has been a passion of mine for a long time now, and it has assisted me in developing an eager eye for detail. This very interest of mine has demonstrated that the most fascinating stories can be discovered in the most unexpected places. Another hobby of mine is photography, going outside to the great outdoors, for me, is always refreshing. Also, I enjoy traveling and would love to do that at one point in my life and write about other cultures and what they have to offer. I am well coordinated and I can handle pressure easily. I enjoy researching new ideas and have an eye for the newest stories. I strongly believe that I can bring a lot to the Journalism industry, and I would thrive in the opportunity to study for a Journalism degree at university. I hope this personal mission statement illustrates that I am very enthusiastic and I look forward to contributing to university life.

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