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Bermuda Triangle as Resident Evil: Review

Many people think the devil’s triangle is just myth or folklore, but it is far from it, especially to the people that have died in this watery hell. From the first incident/disappearance in 1492 to the most recent one in 2017 weird things have been...

The Legends of Bigfoot: Truth or Fiction

Dating back to 1958, Aspiring journalist Andrew Genzoil of the Humboldt Times has put the spotlight on an entertaining letter from a reader regarding loggers from northern California who sighted mysteriously large footprints. With that in mind, Genzoil imaged the absurdly large prints had the...

The Legend of Existence of Bigfoot: Truth or Lie

Introduction Stories of a creature that defied logical explanation has been roaming people’s imagination for centuries. The Sasquatch or more commonly known as the “Bigfoot” has peaked everyone’s curiosity. Thousands of years the Native Americans told stories of a wild man that roamed the woods....

Mystery of Stonehenge and Gunung Padang

Abstract This paper contains the mystery of Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built on Salisbury Plain some time between 5,000 and 4,300 years ago. It is one of the most famous and mysterious archaeological sites in the world (O’Driscoll, 2009, p.15). The main focus of this paper...

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