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The Online Transportation In Contrast

Did you still remember a few years ago we used conventional transportation to go somewhere? Before the new methods of transportation come up, everyone was very dependent on conventional transportation; but nowadays, there are many new forms of transportation known as online-based modern transportation. In...

The Contrast Between The Two Short Stories

“The Big Trip Up Yonder” by Kurt Vonnegut and The Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley are two different literary works that are similar but as well have differences. Although the two jobs are different in the form where one is a story, and the other...

The Hunger Games and Divergent Comparison

Science fiction is a genre of real-life science technology and the world of imagination and dreams. Science fiction film wasn’t that popular back in the 1920s. But there is no doubt that it is now perhaps the most versatile genre in films for the 21st...

The Contrast Between Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh

Instead of Impressionism, in which the accentuation was on the truth of the made paint surface itself, Symbolism was both an aesthetic and an artistic development that recommended thoughts through images and underscored the importance behind the structures, lines, shapes, and hues. Crafted by a...

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