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The Usage of Concept of Fate in Illiads

The Iliad is an epic poem studied by many in multiple areas of research. The epic holds many themes such as pride, morality, compassion, warfare, etc. However, one that contributes to them all is the role of fate. It is after much analyzing and rereading...

Theme Of Fate In Literary Work "Aeneid"

Every human is scared of death, fate, and destiny, and every human wants to avoid them. While many people believe in life after death, most people choose to keep away from the topic because of fear of the unknown. However, when people decided to discuss...

Divine Beings in Control of Odysseus' Fate

The storyteller of the Odyssey conjures the Muse, requesting motivation as he gets ready to recount to the narrative of Odysseus. The story starts ten years after the finish of the Trojan War, the subject of the Iliad. The entirety of the Greek legends with...

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