The Online Transportation In Contrast

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Did you still remember a few years ago we used conventional transportation to go somewhere? Before the new methods of transportation come up, everyone was very dependent on conventional transportation; but nowadays, there are many new forms of transportation known as online-based modern transportation. In every corner, we can find people in green jackets waiting for customers; simply ordering only using the application on your gadget will immediately be able to use the transportation. Gojek and Grab are the most prominent and competing applications. What them the similarities and differences that the two applications do they have? Let's find out!

One of the advantages which are owned by these two application platforms is that the customers are easy to find the drivers. Only open your mobile phone then enter the desirable application; after that, enter the specified destination that you want to go to and click the order. Afterward, the application will find the nearest driver from you; it doesn't take long to find the driver. You will be getting the driver and usually will ask for your proper position then they go directly to the specified meeting point. Generally, the application will include the name and number of your driver's vehicle so that it easy for you to find the driver.

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Another excess of online transportation is about time efficiency. Why did this happen? Technology allows you to access applications anywhere and anytime, so we don't have to wait long for conventional transportation. You can order through the application and will quickly find a driver that is ready to take you to your destination. The existence of this online transportation can reduce the time to be shorter. This transportation makes it easier for many workers, students and the citizen to take the hectic activities.

Besides some similarities, online transportation also has several differences; one of which is the number of features it has. In Gojek there are thirteen services provided ranging from Go-cars, Go-rides, Go-food, Go-mart, Go-send, and many more. Whereas Grab only provides seven services that can be used namely Grab-bike, Grab-car, Grab-express, and so on. Although some features have the same functionality, Gojek is still preferable in terms of features by more choices and more complete than Grab.

Even so, they also have a slight difference in cost rates. Gojek has a basic cost of Rp. 12,000, for trips of 1-10 km. For trips from 11 to 15 Km Gojek gives a fare of Rp. 15,000; but if your distance has more than 15 Km, then Gojek will add Rp. 2000 per trip per kilometer. Unlike Gojek, Grab has its cost. This grab sets rates based on distance; per kilometer is Rp. 1,500. However, grab also determines the minimum rate that must be paid which is Rp. 10,000 if you have less than 10km; so, if your kilometer is only 6 km but you must pay Rp. 10,000. Both applications also apply rush hour and usually, the cost will be more expensive because of the many requests from customers.

In short, Gojek and Grab are applications that can make it easier for people to do their activities. They have various advantages; the customers will easily find the drivers and time efficiency. In contrast, they have differences in terms of features and rates that must be paid. Both applications are great breakthroughs to help people meet their daily needs. This transportation is expected to help reduce the unemployment rate. 

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