Bermuda Triangle as Resident Evil: Review

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Many people think the devil’s triangle is just myth or folklore, but it is far from it, especially to the people that have died in this watery hell. From the first incident/disappearance in 1492 to the most recent one in 2017 weird things have been happening in this region. Some people believe that the Bermuda triangle, or the triangle, is a form of graveyard put there by Satan to catch and kill all people who are not pure enough to pass. However, that is just one theory of the 100,000 other theories people have put out.

I have already said what the dates of the first and last bermuda triangle are but what most people say is the weirdest thing that happened is when the pilots of the squadrine of the U.S. Navy bombers became disoriented while flying over the area, the bodies were never found, but that is not even the most disturbing part of it all the plane was programmed to send a distress signal and even if this system fails all the pilots were able to send one manually but a distress signal but one was never received. For the benefit of the dout the signals could easily have been blocked by something and that is why it was not received. But I guess we will never truly know the real truth behind why no signals were received that day.

December 5, Flight 19 (five TBF Avengers) lost with 14 airmen, and later the same day PBM Mariner BuNo 59225 lost with 13 airmen while searching for Flight 19. July 3, According to the Bermuda Triangle Legend a B-29 Superfortress was lost off Bermuda. Lawrence Kunsche investigated and found no reference to any such B-29 loss. In fact the aircraft loss was that of a Douglas C-54 which was lost in a storm off the Florida coast A B-29 was lost in the vicinity of Bermuda;-on November 16, 1949, a B-29 was lost in the Atlantic; 2 crewmen were missing but on November 19, 1949, 18 survivors were rescued 385 miles northeast of Bermuda.

January 30, Avro Tudor G-AHNP Star Tiger lost with six crew and 27 passengers, en route from Santa Maria Airport in the Azores to Kindley Field, Bermuda. December 28, Douglas DC-3 NC16002 lost with three crew and 36 passengers, en route from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida. ect. As you can see there are many incidents that have happened in the triangle with about 30 more recorded Now that you know some of the dates of the occurrences we are going to talk about the nature behind the triangle and some of the logical reasons why some of the things that could have happened are related to nature. 

And remember these are all just theriese not all of the things in this article can be proven because few explorers want to risk their life for something that we might already know so dont come at me. The bermuda triangle is very close to North America/Florida and Puerto Rico which in bad weather can result in very big waves coming of both coastlines that could swallow ships whole or rain that could bring down airplanes, and giant squids could also bring down ships thinking they are a threatened, provoked, or just thinking that the ship is food.

Now that was my paper over the bermuda triangle, if you have any further questions feel free to talk to me via email, call, text, snapchat, and in any freetime we may have in our other classes. The reason I wrote my paper over the bermuda triangle is that many people have theories that the bermuda triangle is a form of cursed water of course this might never be proven since very few people practice these kinds of perfetions nowadays. I hope you all enjoyed listening to my report over the bermuda triangle and the links for my info are below. 

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