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What It Is Like to Be a Biomedical Scientist: Job Description

What is like to be a Biomedical Scientist? It is undeniable that Biomedical science plays a crucial role in our world today. A broad-spectrum is covered within this career path, giving a varied choice of jobs to choose from once successfully qualified as a Biomedical...

Who is Considered a Scientist in the Modern World

There are many important professions in the world. Science playing a massive role in society. Humans need research to analyze every part of existence. To be able to mimic creation so that human life can be comfortable, that alone needs scientific variables. When identifying a...

Changing the Perspective: Whether Mary Somerville Was a Scientist

Mary Somerville’s status as a scientist is almost universally accepted by the broader public of the present, her work being recognised as equal value as that of her contemporaries. However, Somerville’s status as a scientist falls under scrutiny when considered in her own historical context,...

Exploring the Purpose of an Earth and Environmental Scientist

In our universe its estimated to have trillions of planets and yet so few that have been discovered are barely able to host life. Our planet is the only one we know so far that can sustain life. Earth and environmental sciences are aimed at...

Philosopher and Scientist: Biography of Abu Rayhan Muhammad Al-Biruni

Al-Biruni is a great scientist from Khorezm, the author of numerous capital works on history, geography, philology, astronomy, mathematics, geodesy, mineralogy, pharmacology, geology, etc. For the first time in the Middle East, Biruni expressed the view that the Earth could move around the Sun, determined...

Being a Scientist: a Life Ambition Worth Striving For

A life without ambition is like living a life without a purpose. Every person has their own ambition in life. Some want to be a doctor, a nurse, chef, police, flight attendant, engineer and such. Growing up watching science documentaries made me decide and dreamt...

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