Being a Scientist: a Life Ambition Worth Striving For

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A life without ambition is like living a life without a purpose. Every person has their own ambition in life. Some want to be a doctor, a nurse, chef, police, flight attendant, engineer and such. Growing up watching science documentaries made me decide and dreamt of becoming a great scientist. All the things they do never fails to make my eyes shimmer. I was fascinated by how all the things in the world work. There are lots of new discoveries happening almost every time of the day. Invention however, takes some time to make which will then make a difference in our lives.

At first you will wonder if it is easy to be a scientist? Can I handle it? There are many questions, isn't it, but it's actually very difficult to be a scientist, especially since it's one of the most difficult professions because apart from making and inventing things, you will also believe the belief that you have created and sometimes it's hard especially when no one believes and listens to you, and that's okay because it's part of your job and just keep doing what you're doing.

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As I said, it's not easy to be a scientist because you have a lot of work to do once you enter that job but if you love that profession even if you have a hard time, you enjoy it because you love that job. Just like what happened last time some scientists protested and rallied with the American government about climate action and instead of believing the scientists they didn't listen to that alarm and some others were almost crying and begging just for that let everyone know what is already happening in our world and sadly they have warned the government many times but no one believes them, majority and the government just don't care about it, they even arrested the scientist just because they don't believe it and it's very annoying, it was the scientist himself who said the alarm but they still managed not to believe it.

Fortunately, there were people there when the scientists protested and most of them were young people and their only role was to spread and inform everyone, encourage other people to believe and unite for some to know more about what is really going on in our world. After that, they spread everything on the social media platform on Instagram Facebook, Twitter and more so many people know and are concerned about the issue in our world.

Another worrying thing is the calamities that happen in different parts of the world. In the Philippines, instead of summer this month, it rains and there have been a series of typhoons and it is not normal because that is an example of climate change and it is scary and disturbing isn't it especially if we haven't already acted and listened to the experts. So it is better to be aware of what is happening around us than to know nothing because it is difficult to repent in the end and we can never go back to it.

Being a scientist is not a joke, there are so many processes and other things you have to do, and it takes time to consider whether the next step you take is the right one. However, if you maintain a positive mindset, you can do everything you do well as a scientist, even if it is still difficult. That is why you are there as a scientist, you decided to be there, you wanted so you have to stand up to the end.

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