My Education In The New World

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I was so excited to meet my dad after 4 years. My two younger sisters and my mom were also so excited. After living like aliens in our own country, we are finally going have freedom and create our own life. I was finally going to get good education in New World: America. In December of 2014, my mom, sisters, and I landed to JFK airport, New York. The view of new place was like heaven; it was so clean and beautiful. We came to America as refugees. While we were waiting for my dad to pick up at the airport, I decided use restroom. When I saw the sign of male and female in front of the restroom, I was confused. In Nepal, my native country, we, male & female, use same restroom. There was a man behind me waking towards the restroom. I followed him. When I entered the room, I was wowed. The restroom wasn’t even like a restroom. It was clean, perfume air, and luxurious. I just wanted sit there and look around. I looked around, people are using the restroom. I really didn’t know how to use those fancy type materials.

So, I copied them. After feeling nice, I went toward the sink. I didn’t see any handle to open the faucet. I looked around and tried to find the button or the handle, so I could open the faucet. First, I thought it wasn’t working. Then, suddenly the water poured on my hand. I immediately pulled my hand back. I was like “What a heck. ” How did that happen?I immediately got out of restroom and went towards where my mom and sisters were sitting. When I saw my dad, my eyes filled with tears. it was like dream. I hugged him. I could tell that he was crying also. Our whole family are together now. It was time for us to start our new life. We got to our apartment and dad left for work right way. I asked him to not go, but he told something that changed my way of thinking of this new place. He said, “Son, this is America. You only get paid for working. Our family is huge; I can afford to stay here today with my family. ” That brought tears to my eyes. I went to middle school and learn new things every single day. America has given me lots of opportunities. My responsibility in the family increased dramatically since I knew English better than anyone else at home. My dad worked at the store where doesn’t have to speak English, only Hindi sometimes. I wrote letters, filled our forms, translated at interviews with Immigration and Social Security officers, and even discussed telephone and utilities with company representatives. I spent a lot of time in weekend learning different words and their meanings. As a result of my experience, I learned that the fear of what think about you will eventually go away. At the end, they are also human like I am.

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