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Sad Story About Dog in My Life

We take many good things in our life for granted and only realize the significance of them when they are gone. I still remember that day, a lovely fall day, with a clear sky and bright sun, and seemed that nothing can interrupt its tranquility...

The Great Power of the Flawed Song

The last evening’s soft light was shining at Captain Tony Samuel’s Badge. The 250-meter tall commercial freighter of 80 thousand metric tons of capacity was standing on the bridge of MV Columbus, giving him a small sip of coffee beef. The fatness of the strong...

Katherine's Call for Help in the Deafening Silence

She slightly pulled back her feet and grasped harder to the cold railings in front of her. The blood broken up in her ears, her heart pounded in her chest, her hands trembled, and her legs shivered. The sudden churning of her stomach reminds her...

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