The Sad and Tearful Story of Christ

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Today, I am writing this in a very sad mood. Last month, we lost someone in the family who was buried this morning, my maternal auntie. Well, she was sick for a while before it all got messy. There were a lot of issues involved, she had memory loss, diabetes, and other illness. She died at the age of 74 years old and was survived with a husband and three children.

Today was a very sad one because this woman saw me through school to a point. She took me in her arms at the age four and ever since, she never stopped caring even at the point of her death. Growing up, I could still remember vividly how she treated everyone around her as a true Christian. Actually, God blessed her with a lot of resources, she was very rich as a result of hard work and God’s favor, but she never kept it to herself. She paid school fees for a lot of loved ones from her heart. She was a good woman with a heart of gold, but today, she is no more here with us.

Looking at her life, a lot could be said about her because she was caring to a fault. Relations and well-wishers came from far and near to mourn this great woman. In fact, her husband was overwhelmed at the number of people that came to sympathize with the family. Honestly, my auntie’s death got me thinking. I haven’t lost anyone very close to my heart, but this raised a lot of questions in my heart.

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What will I be remembered when I am no more? What will people say about me when I am gone? What legacy will I leave behind? I know, it is normal for people to mostly talk good about the dead even when they never lived such life, but I was able to relate to my auntie because I had known her all my life and I want to say; people didn’t exaggerate. They said it the way it was! Now, this brings me to what people said about Christ after he ascended into heaven and left this world. The Bible says the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. People were amazed at the behavior of the disciples of Christ. So, they thought these guys behaved very much like Christ.

Christ left this world at the age of 33 years but His name still lives on. The same thing with his disciples and a lot of other individuals although nothing can be compared to Christ, the question remains, what will you and I be remembered for when we are no more on earth? Will people be in a hurry to tell of our good deeds? I know, we are not here on earth to please others as long as we are in the right time with God, but it also goes beyond it. There is more to it. Let’s take a look at the Bible story of a woman who helped the poor. Tabitha was good to everyone that she even made garments for those around her, but when she fell sick and died, the people in the city protested. They sent for Peter, he came and raised her from death. This shows the wonders of good deeds. The Bible says, on the last day, we will be asked questions based on how we’ve spent our lives on earth. It says I was naked, but you never clothed me.

I am not trying to judge anyone here, but I am only trying to remind us that name continues even after death. One of the things that can last forever is your name. Although it can also be forgotten! It all boils down to how we lived while on earth. People will remember us whether they like it or not, but will you be remembered for good or bad? This is a sober reflection of what we intend to pass on while we are gone from this earth. My Auntie’s eulogy brought tears to everyone, people weren’t trying to paint words because I witnessed it first hand. The question is, what will be your story? What will be my story? The ball is in the court! I pray God will help us all, amen!

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