Why Do You Believe In God

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Well, God can do all of these and even more. Sometimes, situations can make anyone forget or doubt God's abilities irrespective of how strong you have been in faith. Remember, no one is ever ready for hard situations to hit them, it just happens, but the ability to maintain your peace & control depends on the word of God in your heart. The power to bounce back to your faith and beliefs depends on the relationship you have had with God in the past, and how much connection you have established with Him over the years. Have you ever thought about why do you believe in god?

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I might be going through hard times, I might get angry with God and the world, I might even want the world to come to an end, I might also stop attending Sunday service or anything that has to do with God. Who would blame me though, after all, I am only human? Several times, we have found ourselves in situations like this, but what makes it easier to bounce back and reconcile with God is the word of God in us. The Holy Spirit is living amongst us, dwelling in our midst. The Holy Spirit is with us to guide, teach, and constantly remind us of who we are in Christ although anyone can easily fall off the wagon, if we listen to the spirit in us, we can always retrace our steps.

Sometimes, we might be distracted with all the things happening that we could barely recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit leading us back to Christ. Yes, this could still happen which is why it is very vital to surround yourself with people who can help you find your way back.

Nowadays, it seems the world is in chaos with all the things that have been happening. For instance, last year, a lot of people suffered from natural disasters that took away everything they had, all they have labored gone into thin air, but we can find solace in the word of God knowing fully well that He will see us through the difficult situation. I want to remind us that God is not asleep. No matter where you found yourself, do not be discouraged. Try as much as possible to put yourself together and embrace Christ. Stand firm to that which you believe and have at the back of your mind that all will be well. He has proven over the years to be accurate and timely, Jesus is still in the business of bringing deliverance to the broken hearts, those who are helpless, people who are in a tight fix and do not know what to do, Jesus is in search of such individuals if only we let Him take charge.

It is never easy to carry those burdens on your shoulder because they are usually very heavy for just one individual, but our Savior Christ Jesus is here to help us carry those burdens. Jesus is here to replace your sorrows to peace, joy, and happiness to a point that even in the midst of a difficult situation, we shall find peace. Even when others are saying, there is casting down, we shall say, there's a lifting up because someone will fix it. Today, I just want to encourage everyone who has been going through hard times, you are not alone, do not be afraid, have faith in God, and all will be alright. The truth is, we cannot escape some of these things, they are inevitable as long as we are in the world, but there is an assurance of what will happen whenever we are faced with hard times. The assurance that God is with us all through the road. He will not allow any situation to consume us because He is bigger than any situation we will ever face. Be strong, stand firm, and keep believing in the power of God. Remember, we can overcome all things through the help of the Holy Spirit.

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