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Peter`s The Great Reforms: A Knot Between Church And State

Christians all over the world have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. Although the situation became better with time, it was still not ideal in the 18th century. Peter the Great, the first emperor of Russia, introduced the Most Holy Synod, and it changed the...

Strengths of the Christianity in Byzantine Empire

Eastern Christianity (Byzantine) was the strongest in not only religious, but as well in cultural, societal, and political aspects. To begin I would like to focus on multiple reasons as to why the Roman Empire came to its fall in the first place. The biggest...

New England and the Southern Colony's Society

New England and the Southern colony’s social factors like politics, economics, and religion deviate from each other. These factors had benefits and limitations in society. For instance, the political factors of the New England society helped them form a common control considering that the Southern...

Figures and Movements of Early Christianity

Without Marcion’s writings, excluding a fragment from his antithesis, it is difficult to discern whether his use of Jewish scripture to solve for gaps in Christianity represents respect for Jews and their religion or if it was making use of relevant documents to support his...

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