God Knows What He's Doing, So Don't Stress

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God has done the physically impossible and helped man do the physically impossible, yet to this day, we still doubt His greatness. When we look at the miracles that God has performed, one would think that your daily stresses would seem like nothing to Him. Why is it that even though we have God on our side, we still have a constant worry in the back of our mind? The wording from the New International Version Bible follows: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Phil. 4. 6). Many people have little faith, including all of Jesus’s disciples, so it’s nothing new, but there is still no need to worry and stress.

Jesus’s disciples were on a boat in the middle of an ocean, going through a storm while Jesus was still on land. Suddenly, the disciples see Jesus as a ghostly figure and they are told to take courage and to not be afraid because it is the Lord. Jesus calls out Peter to walk on water and so Peter does the physically impossible simply by command from the Lord. By words, Jesus enabled man to walk on water, something we still can’t do today even with our advanced technologies. Just imagine all the wonders God could do with your life if you simply looked at him and put your trust in him during the storm.

Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and eventually to the Red Sea, but the Egyptians followed close behind to try to capture the Israelites again. As the Israelites saw that the Egyptians were following behind them, they started to question Moses and if they brought them out to the desert to just die. As Moses kept his faith in God, Moses trusted that God would protect them and watch over them. God enabled Moses to split the Red Sea, something physically impossible for a man to do. All the Israelites being led by Moses were all worried about the Egyptians capturing them but wouldn’t focus on the solution to their problem. Moses, however, was wise enough to focus on the God that could do anything, and so God helped Moses split the Red Sea, freeing the Israelites.

The Amalekites and the Israelites were about to fight, and God told Moses to go to the top of a hill during the battle. While the battle was going on, all Moses had to do was raise his hands and keep his hands raised. If Moses’s hands lowered, the Amalekites were winning, but if Moses’s hands remained high, the Israelites were winning. God was there for the Israelites even during their battles and all they had to do was have Moses raise his hands. Even in the toughest and the most stressful of situations, God is still going to help you out and tell you how to succeed.

So many people in the world hated Jesus and what he was doing, and those people ended up getting their way by killing Jesus on the cross. Many people thought Jesus was gone for good except for Jesus’s disciples. A little amount of people had faith that Jesus would come back from the dead, and they were right. Jesus cheated and defeated death that day, declaring himself king of all kings. Jesus also healed the sick, healed the cripple, let the blind see, and so much more.

John Piper wrote a devotional about anxiety.

God did so many of these wonderful things and performed all these miracles, but we’re worried about finances. Why wouldn’t God be able to handle your simple problems if God can defeat death itself? Ever since I have had more faith in God, I have been a lot less stressed about many things such as school and work because I know that God has everything under control. Only after your faith in God is established will you be stress free, happy, and receive the blessings waiting for you right now.

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