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My Experience of Performing the Hajj

My first time in the Middle East was to perform Hajj. The weather in Mecca was 105-degrees and the heat was a new experience for me. I was also startled by the Muslim world before me. The incredible diversity of people journeying far and wide...

The Uncertainty of West Punjabi Pilgrimage

Introduction to Sikhism Punjab was a united nation until 1947 when the partition divided the Indian subcontinent along religious lines. The borders drawn by religious division had a detrimental impact on Punjab, which was forced to be split and governed by two different countries. The...

History And Role Of Muslim Pilgrimage In Europe

Global interconnectedness had an impact on the sense of belonging of many people. Former conceptions of identity and belonging have become less evident as a result of the enormous influx of new information and products and rapidly changing habits and social structures. Religion can play...

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