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Why Do You Believe In God

Well, God can do all of these and even more. Sometimes, situations can make anyone forget or doubt God’s abilities irrespective of how strong you have been in faith. Remember, no one is ever ready for hard situations to hit them, it just happens, but...

Angels as the Instruments of God's Creation

When a farmer desires to work, he looks for hoes, cutlasses and sickles. When a physician desires to work, he looks for thermometers, sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes, etc. once a medico desires to work, he looks for surgical blades and forceps, etc. once a tailor desires...

Theories of Religion: Worship of Multiple Gods

Religion is a term several people have a hard time explaining without being biased. This term has to do with beliefs, gods, customs, and so much more. Though a definite beginning of religion cannot be identified, there is research on why and about when religion...

The Image of God: A Base for Christian Counseling

There are hundreds of models of counseling that exist today, ranging in their understandings of hundreds of topics all the way across the spectrum. Not only that, but there are also multiple different models of Christian counseling that exist, each standing by their own unique...

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