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Life Experience Of Loneliness

Talking to new people and making friends is something I’ve always struggled with. Even the thought of being surrounded by strangers and having to hold a conversation gives me shivers. I’ve never been good at talking to people and confidence wasn’t something that I’d ever...

I Am Sam: Not Letting Disability Stop You

In the movie I Am Sam, there are 3 main characters and many supporting characters. Sam Dawson, who is played by Sean Penn, is a single father with an intellectual disability raising Lucy, played by Dakota Fanning. After Lucy’s mother abandoned them, Sam had to...

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when the sky was overcast with shadows and ground was covered with snow, there lived a girl who was very fond of theatre. She took a theater class in her childhood, but she has remembered every...

Never Give Up, Just Try Again

The writer Paulo Cohelo once said, “Never give up on a dream. Just try to see the signs that take you to them”. Every person in this world has a dream that they would love to reach. We make resolutions every New Year, but people...

The Obstacles When Facing The American Dream  

To many people the American Dream is the opportunity to achieve their dreams. For decades, society raise the concept of American Dream and people pass this idea down to the next generations with the effort to accomplish and live the American Dream. The American Dream...

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