Enchanting Student Success: My Goal And Plans To Achieve It

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Vision is the ability to see and the outlines what a person wants to be, or how he will be going to reach at there. The aim of this paper is to provide an understanding of what is my goal in life, how I will achieve it and what problems I will face to reach there.

Getting success in human service foundation would be a great achievement for me. I have chosen this course because it will improve my personality and also it will provide me direction to obtain my goals. I want to become business woman in the organisation. Earlier I studied business administration course, and human service foundation is the path to improve myself and making better relationships with everyone which will going to help me when I will run a business. In specific, opening an organization is my objective and working as an executive director. In human service foundation course I will be learning about how to deal with people, managing relationships with others and how to tackle any situation in easy way. To become business woman I need to develop a lot of skills in me and I have to improve myself by learning this subject and applying on to me. It is not easy to get there I see struggle reaching to that direction and I need to plan things ahead. Moreover, there is need of setting small objection to the main goal. Investing huge money to open an organisation is quite difficult but great focus is required.

Successfully completing the program:If I will complete this course with above 90 percent, then I will consider myself to be successful in this program. I would be glad knowing that I successfully completed the human service foundation course and it will be motivating me that I can achieve anything in life. The term “success” has different definition to each person some may link it with earning more money and some may think to be happy but for me success is satisfying my desires that is completing this course and making my family proud on me. I can imagine when I will complete this program with success I would be very positive towards my future. The success in HSF would assist me to develop in personal and profession life. I will acquire basic literature skills, development of basic knowledge and understanding of variety of helping careers. By developing relationship skills I can further use in my next course as well as in business by dealing with different kinds of people in the world. The skills I would be learning from this program can be applied to my further course and even to mu aim that is to run an organisation.I should be having better understanding of the need of the organisation and what employees and the customers expects from me to do. It would also clear goal in my mind what is the next step, I need to take. To become an business women I have to go to depth of what is going in the world and the demands of the customers so, I would satisfy their wants and can run profitable organisation. This course will taught to take care of others which I could apply to my work as by knowing what I can do to make a better place for employees to work.

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What I consider to be wrong

Going wrong for me means not getting the good grades, not attending classes and also not submitting assignments on time. What it would like look if things are not going according to me or what I thought of to do in such sitatution: If I would fail to do so then it will be creating trouble in my personal and professional life. I would be stressed out if would not able to succeed. I will loose my confidence which may create fear in me for the future. In this year, if anything goes wrong then it will directly affect my studies even my goal. Missing anything out of this course would be problematic for me in the future as it will face difficulties in reaching to my destination. Like If I I am unable to get good grades means I have less understanding of the course then, how I would improve myself and polish my skills. Furthermore, it will not be easy for me to overcome from this problem. I would be taking a lot of of time from getting out of this situation and thinking about alternatives to make improvement in the sitatution.

The obstacles I would be facing

If I am not going according to the right track the I will feel frustrated and I will behave in aggressive manner with everyone which can destroy my Relationships with family and friends and this poling relation with others Will affect me in negative manner then, I would not be able to focus on my career. Sometimes when I had fight with friends I take things seriously which act as stumbling block for me in my profession. So, it is important for me to manage better relationships with others so I can learn new things and I will gain experience from them.

Many a times behaviour pattern is an obstacle because when I am acting rude with others then, no-one will tolerate me and avoid me. My behaviour pattern will directly effect my profession because everyone would ignore me. To run a business there is always need of being polite to everyone so things can be done on time and much more important while dealing with other clients.Attitude can be hurdle if I will see things in pessimistic way. I will think that this is impossible to do. I will be aways having questions, and stress about the things which I am about to do. With the negative attitude I can never reach to my destination as this attitude will discourage me and stop me to do things. For running a business with negative it will be in loses all the time and my clients will face problems.

Belief also acts an obstacle while moving forward in life. If I would nothing faith in me then, what suppose to do in my life. In this world, no-one would come and will say do this, it is right. Instead of this I see people who pull me down and stop me to move forward. They can not stop me until I have faith in me. It is necessary for me to be optimistic towards my goals. Th things which seem impossible can be possible only when I have belief on me because all this will push my, give me encourage to do something different in life. The more I would have faith in me, the more it would easy for me to achieve targets.

Fight against obstacles

To overcome from these hurdles I will be watching motivational videos to keep myself motivated. I use to see many videos of “Sandeep Maheshwari” in his videos he told how to belief in myself, how to eliminate negative thoughts from life and how to keep mind calm so a person take right decision on time.Another way I find to open my mind is I listen to slow music as it works for me. I calm my mind and then again think about the problems I am facing in between and search out for the solution.

Meditation always helped me to have clear goal in life as it relax me. With relax mind I use to have positive thoughts. I think to overcome with this obstacle I can look for help from my family because they guide in correct direction.

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