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Definition of Autism and Behavioral Characteristics of Individuals with ASD

Autism thought to be mental retardation or insanity was proved organic. When it comes to the Autism/Asperger spectrum it is an interesting disorder to learn and understand. Autism which is a neurological deficit gets out shadowed by the negatives that come with its diagnosis. With...

The Struggles of Living as a High Functioning Person with Autism

Autism is “a syndrome of childhood” characterized by a lack of social relationship, a lack of communication abilities, persistent compulsive rituals, and resistance to change.. How autism disorders affect a person and the severity of symptoms are different in each person. Autism (or ASD) is...

Temple Grandin: The Heroic Figure in the Autistic Community

At the age of four her doctor had diagnosed Temple Grandin with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, due to her lack of speech and sensitivity to touch and also with her photographic memory. She was going to go into a mental asylum where many...

The Way Temple Grandin, The Great Scientist, Saw the World

The world can be a very harsh place especially for kids with disabilities. They tend to have a hard time adapting to new people and new things. Usually they require special education along with attentive care at all times. They can become depressed very easily...

Temple Grandin, an Example of Determination and Hard Work

Temple Grandin, an extraordinary woman with autism described herself as different, but not less. In the 1950s and 60s, there was less tolerance for people with autism, than there is today. No one understood Grandin, or what she was feeling inside, some even doubted she...

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