The Legend of Existence of Bigfoot: Truth or Lie

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Stories of a creature that defied logical explanation has been roaming people’s imagination for centuries. The Sasquatch or more commonly known as the “Bigfoot” has peaked everyone's curiosity. Thousands of years the Native Americans told stories of a wild man that roamed the woods. The Himalayas is home to what is said to be a relative of the Bigfoot known as the Yeti. Even more recently about sixty years ago a controversial film was released. The authors claimed that it was the hairy beast. All this supposed evidence yet, the question remains, does Bigfoot exist?

“Giant Footprints Puzzle Residents.”“Giant Footprints Puzzle Residents.” A headline of a newspaper from northern California about sixty years ago gave new life to the Bigfoot conspiracy. The Humboldt times received a report from a construction crew claiming they discovered sixteen inch human-like footprints. And from there the Bigfoot legend grew. “The Bigfoot Field Organization list at least one report from every state, except Hawaii, over the past two decades.” Crair, Ben. “Call of the Wildman.” The most contested piece of evidence was filmed in 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. It showed a hairy creature walking by bluff creek with two legs. Skeptics say that the video is fake due to the fact that it was in the same location a hoax that took place involving Bigfoot. The Planet still unpacks surprises regularly, and the shrinking forest to help. In 1992 a relative of the cow, the Saola, was discovered in vietnam. The difference between the cow and Bigfoot is that people do not tend to hunt for a new species of cow.

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Humboldt Times Article

Andrew Genzoli, the one behind the Humboldt Times article, wrote about the mysterious footprints as a good read for a sunday morning, he had no idea the curiosity he sparked in all his readers. Though the loggers are sure Bigfoot committed the acts of vandalism. It seems that most of the builders did not exactly buy into the fact that a giant eight foot creature is to blame. Yet the story spread like wildfire. “There’s ample circumstantial evidence for all these creatures: eyewitness accounts, blurry photographs, mysterious footprints. For many cryptozoologists that evidence is enough to confirm a monster’s existence.” National Geographic.

When Bigfoot is the topicWhen Bigfoot is the topic, some would say that it is no different from a bear. Folklore commonly mistakes a bear for a wildman. As for evidence from one’s eye. It is understandable that one would try and disprove the skepticism, But there is very little one can prove off of another's personal experience. There have been Bigfoot throughout the country, But more commonly in the northwestern region. Bigfoot’s reputation grew in the twentieth century even though Native Americans have been telling stories of a wildman for ages. The most common piece of evidence is eyewitness reports, with that said they are typically the weakest piece of evidence. It’s odd that even though everyone seems to carry around a five megapixel, HD camera on their smartphone, the quality of the photos have not improved.

Some suggest that Bigfoot has more of a supernatural phenomenon, causing cameras to lose focus when the creature appears. As far fetched as that would be, It is more reasonable as a misidentification “Bigfoot hair” or “Bigfoot blood”Some believe they have found “Bigfoot hair” or “Bigfoot blood,” which turns out to be bear hair, or transmission fluid. In some cases the results say “unidentified,” but that does not necessarily mean it is a Bigfoot. Purphaps the DNA sample could have been contaminated or tampered with environmental conditions. And in some rare cases it could just be from an animal with no reference samples. But there was an exception, when samples of hair from and unknown species was brought to a lab. The hair was examined and it turns out that only two strands of hair could point to a unknown species. This doesn't necessarily mean that it was a Bigfoot but, the results were more than likely hair from an unknown bear species or even some hybrid polar bear or even a brown bear roaming the himalayas, which could cause a misidentification.


Belief is an acceptance that something exists, to have trust in someone or something even if there is little evidence to support it. Though the evidence is very scars to prove that Bigfoot actually exists, And it would make more sense that he doesn't. Some people still believe, but isn't that the name of the game. And who knows maybe he is out there waiting to be found.

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