What Is The Secret To Success

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When people are born, they begin their journey of pursuit. Some people pursue money, some people are eager to get happiness, and some people want love. Although the goals are different, their results are almost the same - few people can be successful. So what is the secret to success? F.S Michaels gave me some inspiration. Her book 'Monoculture,' depicts an economic-based phenomenon in the current society. By mean Monoculture, A culture that has replaced other cultures has become the guide that leads our daily behaviors and thoughts. We are living in a monoculture of a certain historical period and shape our lives economics. It tells you what is normal and what is the goal of life. Summarizing it in one sentence: Humans tend to have the least resistance choices, and you can hardly detect that you are being changed by society. In the book, the author clearly states that the dominant story of the twenty-first century - economics: “Economic beliefs, values, and assumptions are shaping how we think, feel, and act.” The economy we are talking about is mostly a material aspect. Everything can be measured by money, and everything in this world is commoditized. What I want to discuss here is how to survive in this culture and live better than others. In short, how do we make more money?

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With the rapid growth of the global economy, competition among enterprises has become fierce. This has led to strict company requirements for employees. 'Since labor costs represent a major expense to most companies, hiring employees when there's work and laying them off when the work slows down can help firms stay competitive.' This means that there is no longer binding between the company and the employee. When the company needs you, you will have a job, and vice versa. The working environment has become extremely unstable, and a person will not be engaged in only one job for a lifetime. There is another horrible management theory that says: “Workers pay the highest level of effort to avoid being fired, and employers provide minimum wages to prevent workers from resigning.” If you look at the payments of most companies You will understand that this statement does tell a certain degree of truth. The pure result is that most workers never go one step further, they do what others teach them: get a stable job. Most workers work for wages and short-term benefits, but in the long run they are often disastrous.

A few days ago, my car had a small problem. I drove it into the repair shop and a young mechanic fixed it within a few minutes. I was so surprised to sea that he could determine where goes wrong only by the sound of the engine. However, people like him who have excellent talents have a monthly salary of two thousand dollars in the United States, far from being 'successful.' I often think about why some talented people are only earning very low incomes. I have heard that less than 5% of Americans earn more than $100,000 a year. A senior in economics major once told me that many doctors and dentists have financial difficulties. I used to think that when they graduated, the dollar would come to them easily. That schoolmate told me at the end, 'They only have one skill, so they can't make big money.' The meaning of this sentence is that most people need to learn and master more than one skill, so that their income can be significantly increased. Financial business is a combination of accounting, investment, marketing and legal capabilities. Combining the above four professional skills will make it much easier to make money with money. In order to make money, person with one skill can only work hard.

When I speak to people who want to make more money, I always recommend that they have a long-term perspective on their own lives. I admit that working for money is very important, but I still advocate finding another job to learn from another skill. For example, if you want to learn sales skills, it is best to enter a company with a chain marketing system. Most of these companies are able to provide good training programs to help people overcome the frustrations and fears caused by failure, which is often the main reason why people cannot succeed. If I ask you: 'How many of you can do better hamburgers than McDonald's? 'I believe that many people have confidence to give me a positive answer. But have you thought about it? If most of you can make better hamburgers than McDonald's, why is McDonald's more profitable than you? The answer is Obviously: McDonald's has an excellent business system. Many of the talented people are poor because they are only focused on making hamburgers, and they know very little about how to operate the business system.

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