What Was The Environment In Which You Were Raised

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I remember myself since I was three years old. I was a lively and inquisitive child. I had many friends and we spent a lot of time together. My parents were very busy at that moment, they were working and building our house. I spent much time with my granddad. He was everything for me. He taught me a lot of things as how to be kind and honest, friendly and sharing. I grew up under his values and viewpoints which were straightforward and evenhanded. 

My passion for knowledge appeared in my early five or six years. I started to read prior school and was good in counting, too. So as many talented children I was bored listening other children stammering every syllable at school. I was an ailing child in my primary school period, yet I have always got the missed material and was a quick learner. The teachers praised me and encouraged my affection for knowledge. When I went to the secondary school our class was divided and we had to adapt to other children’s class as newcomers. I was bewildered with new classmates but have never lost my task fulfillment proficiency. We had many teachers in different subjects instead of one and many new friends and acquaintances. It was here that I first was evaluated from all sides. Every teacher wanted me to represent his or her subject in academic competition. I was chosen to represent my school in various subjects but I was most successful in Maths and Physics. These subjects will influence my all future life. But I did not know that at that moment. I participated in different academic conferences and studied a lot. What I lacked at that time was confidence and assertiveness. I started to cultivate my abilities. Besides additional lessons and attending tutors I joined a theatre group. I was not a gifted actress but I tried new roles and strived to do my best.

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 My first performance was in the beginning of high school. My role was minor but very important. Theatre group helped me to get rid of old habits and develop creativity and confidence. I learned long lines and that improved my memory and helped my learning in the whole. My parents appreciated my efforts but were concerned with my health and overwork. That is why I got a ticket to Venice for me and my mother for summer holidays. That was more than a surprise, that was my dream came true. Emotions overwhelmed me. I bought an Italian conversation book and fervently started to learn phrases. The journey was awesome, I spent the most excited month in my life. We lived at our cousin in Venice and have always had a close guide to show the best sightseeing in the town. My mother and I visited theaters and exhibitions, sailed in gondolas and practiced Italian. Though we hardly understood the speech of the natives we enjoyed their melodious language and excellent performances. I spent days in the theatres and tried to copy their showmanship and passion on the scene. I think I grew a few years elder in Venice and inhaled air of this wonderful city. 

The beginning of a new academic year I met enthusiastically and with pleasure. I was ready to gain new knowledge and enrolled in Maths and Physics courses. It was the last year of the high school and everyone expected it apprehensively and excitedly. It was a very important year that will guide us into new adult life. . I passed exams easily and unconstrainedly. In the end of the year I got that ticket to grown-up world, I got honour high school diploma. 

My parents, relatives and friends were very proud of me. In me school speech I thanked my parents in the first place as they implanted general values that help to respect people and their opinions without losing my point of view. I said many thanks for my teachers that tired to give us good education sparing no effort in the growth of me as an educated person. Now I was ready to meet obstacles in my future as I had a good bundle of knowledge and experience. I grew up in a nuclear family, my parents had many hardships and problems but they overcame them with struggle for better future. I am the only child in the family and I soaked up their love for all my life. I realize that I have to bring back that love for my parents and people surrounding me. I am firmly convinced that all people on the Earth have their intended purpose to make life better. I want to study and get higher education to make my contribution in the world development. I want to create new devices that can help people and be eco friendly.

 I am an environmentally concerned person that worry for the future of the next generation. We must be aware of what we do now not to kick ourselves in the future. I joined our green community. We cleaned the beach and wood from garbage and cans other people had left. All my life is a turbulent river that runs rapids and becomes faster and stronger with the flow. As a mountain stream my waters are clean and transparent. I do not want to pollute it with rubbish and contaminants. I want to deliver fresh water to all people in need, to contribute to the world progress without pollution nature. 

All the hardships in my life boosted the morale and strengthened my views. I quelled fear and self-distrust, learned to overcome troubles. Now I am ready to meet my future with head held high. But I have to learn a lot to be useful for the society, to make my contribution in science and mankind development.

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