Essay Samples on Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly Injustice: A Victim of The System

Ned Kelly was and will always be a victim. Ned Kelly was convicted for 3 years all because Wild Right and a lie about a stolen horse, Ned only received the stolen horse. Ned was always unfairly victimised by the police. It’s hard to believe…

The Daring Escape of McIntyre and Meeting Ned Kelly

“Ah!” I yelled “Get back here, you stupid horse”. Suddenly, I remembered that there was a ferocious gang of put out laws chasing after me. I regrated my actions of yelling like the noisy crow that always wakes me up at dawn. I jittered if…

Ned Kelly's Demeanor and Lifestyle Habits

Australian bushranger, outlaw, gang leader, convicted police murderer, and the face of the Colonial Australian Identity. This ‘identity’ being the ‘bushman’ identity- also known as the ‘noble bushman’. Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly (December 1854 – 11 November 1880) held this infamous repertoire. Kelly is synonymous with…

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