Ned Kelly Injustice: A Victim of The System

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Ned Kelly was and will always be a victim. Ned Kelly was convicted for 3 years all because Wild Right and a lie about a stolen horse, Ned only received the stolen horse. Ned was always unfairly victimised by the police. It’s hard to believe that you could possibly deny that Ned was a product of his upbringing, it is clearly obvious. How would you like it to be in Ned Kelly’s shoes? Live like that for just one day?

Ned Kelly was convicted for 3 years all for just receiving a stolen horse, Ned shouldn’t have got punished for a little trick Wild Wright was the true liar, thief, betrayer and still although he was the one that stole the horse in the first place he was only punished for 18 tiny little months. Ned got 3 years! Ned wanted pure glory with a brawling revenge, but he didn’t just go brawl in streets he took the time and effort to organise and prepare for a proper fight, he didn’t want to suffer behind bars again. He bought Wild Wright to his doom and Ned was victorious in the brawl of a life time.

Ned was a complete product of his upbringing. Ned’s father was an ex-convict and horse thief. What would you expect from his son? Ned’s uncles bragged about there crimes and their dirty behaviour, Ned was brought up living around that negative attitude around him. Ned’s mother wasn’t much better, she secretly sold alcohol to passing travellers and towns people. Ned was bought up with a terrible attitude coming from his uncles, parents and peers.

So how was that fair on Ned? “circumstances have forced us to become what we are outcasts and outlaws, and, bad as we are not so bad as we are supposed to be” these are Ned’s words himself, with evidence from the novel “Black Snake” written by Carole Wilkinson in the letter to the chief secretary (page 95 side note). How would you like it if your entire child hood was being taught how to steal and not get caught and then it all comes back on you and you get killed for being who you were taught to be?

How would you like it if the police were out to get you before you were born? The police targeted Ned and his family, they were unfair toward them all. They were unfair toward them all, the gang, the Kelly Family, Siblings, and even people that were never even there. It all started when Ned’s father died, he then turned and went against the law because his father was treated and he didn’t want that to follow on to him.

The police didn’t even try to consider the Kelly’s side of the Fitzpatrick affair; they almost went strait to Constable Fitzpatrick’s side of the story. Ned was silenced in court, none of Ned’s letters were read, he was silenced. The police refused to accept to Ned defending his own life in court. Due to lack of money Ned had no choice but to get a public defender and was sadly killed due to lack of money. It was always Ned’s word against the police. Who would believe an outlaw over authority?

Ned was targeted and will always be a victim, some say he’s a hero, some say he’s a villain but we know that he’s a Victim. Ned was convicted for 3 years compared to Wild Wrights 18 months, and all Ned did was receive a stolen horse were as Wild Wright actually stole it. Ned was a product of his upbringing due to his peers including his father being ex-convicts and thief’s. More than any other point you could argue, Ned was targeted by the police and the police were very unfair towards the Kelly family and Gang. Ned is an absolute Victim and we all know it.

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