Essay Samples on Court

Jurisdiction of Criminal Law in Courts and Procedures

Explain the jurisdiction of the criminal courts and criminal procedures in the context of criminal proceedings in Sri Lanka (P4.1, M2.3) In reference to the given question, it is vital to analyze in profundity with respect to the criminal procedures in Sri Lanka as well…

Benefits of Dialogue Theory in Court and Legislature

Is the Dialogue Theory beneficial in the relations of the Court and Legislature? The Post-Charter Canada has given the Courts “teeth” in the realm of the political atmosphere and started a dialogue with the government in regards to legislation. Due to the array of issues…

The Reasons Why The Brett Kavanaugh Case Matters

Compelling testimony was given on both sides of the table to the Senate Nominating Committee this week. We heard from Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. They were both passionate about what they were saying. But, did President Trump save Kavanaugh by aggressively standing by his…

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