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Structure of Judicial System in Malaysia and Its Challenges

The Malaysian judiciary, like the judiciaries of other countries, has been thrust into the middle of a constitutional tempest. A judicial power or authority, as well as a court system, can be defined as the judiciary. In addition, the judiciary is an independent arm of...

Crime Scene Investigators and the Judiciary: Comparative Analysis

The criminal justice system is comprised of many institutions that work in turn when a crime has been committed. Crime scene investigators and the police can be categorised as pre-charge, the crown prosecution service can be categorised as both pre and post charge and the...

Indian Judiciary System: Public Law and Policies for Development

India is one of the richest country in culture, diversity, heritage, religion, language and known for great history, ruled under many kings and empires. Even it followed many rules and regulation under many emperors. As after India got independence the constitution work started with its...

Gender Disparity in Judiciary and Its Impact on Domestic Violence

Access to justice is intrinsically linked to the guarantee of equality between individuals. Although equal access to justice is essential, it is often flouted to the detriment of certain groups of people - including women. Indeed, long standing entrenched gender stereotypes contribute to their differential...

Judiciary Diversity and Separation of Powers in the UK

“The law the legal profession and the courts are there to serve the whole population, not just a small section of it. They should be as reflective of that as it is possible to be” In this paper I will discuss the extent to which...

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