My Motivation To Take A Masters Course In Computer Science

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“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” — Albert Einstein

During the carefree days of my early childhood I was fond of watching television. We had a Solitaire television set, those with wooden shutters encompassing the television body. In an untoward situation, I spilt water on the television which gleefully seeped into the main panel causing a complete breakdown. My father, who happened to have knowledge about electrical gadgets came to the rescue. He meticulously worked on the short-circuit wiring, replaced a capacitor or two and within a few hours, our television was all set. It was the first and the most impactful incident that drew me towards electronics. I was in awe of the skills my father possessed, and from that day, I was sure to further my interest in the electrical field.

I learned the basic of electronics from my father. From the differences between AM/FM bands that we so often see on a radio set to how those numbers on a television remote function, my elementary knowledge comes from my father. Then, when it was time to choose the future course of my studies, I choose to become an Electrical Engineer and took admission in Bachelors of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Bharath university.

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During my study of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I developed an understanding of various models and components that would serve as a basic framework and would help me to bring further development during my work period. In an attempt to understand the practical aspect of my study in balance to the theoretical learning, I worked on many projects, utilizing classroom learning in practical executions. My finest brainchild was “Design of Data Logger for vehicle parameter measurement and testing system”. It was a project developed with the aim of monitoring remote monitoring signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital values. Real-time parameters like speed, fuel level, vibration, engine temperature are measured using different kinds of sensors and the measured data is processed using Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) processor. Successive approximation is used to convert Analog signals to its Digital equivalent and then using a ZigBee transmitter, the processed information is transferred to the monitoring system. The processed data is visually presented using LabVIEW software in the form of various indicators like fuel tank, waveform graph, Celsius indicator, and rpm display with numeric values for further analysis.

After successfully completing the first level of my knowledge of electronics, I ventured in the field of real-life learning and joined a reputed firm and learned how to apply my knowledge to earn business. At present, I work as an Application Developer with a firm called star health and allied insurance Co Ltd. During the course of my career, I have acquired a lot of skills & knowledge. I have also acquired and honed my interpersonal skills. Leaving the comfort of my home in Nellore and moving to Chennai which is on the other end of the spectrum, culture-wise, I learned to adapt to the circumstances. I learnt the local language, to make a healthy relationship with my team at work. I also learned photography, and today practice it on expert level. I also enormously interested to do Computer subjects in your esteemed college. . I secured good results in my engineering. I was well versed in programming languages like C, C++ & Java. I realize the need for me to study at the center stage of activity in these fields like software developer.

It is one of the top colleges in having fine record of academic excellence and is backed by expert faculty and research facilities. The other reason why I want to study at your esteemed college is that it provides the kind of expose needed to broaden my thinking and indo any insular prejudices that might be still prevalent in me. Your college is a confluence of people from every nationality, religion and race. Overall development of the personality can be done and it would help me to broaden my concept from the narrower confines of nationalism to internationalism. Armed with a Graduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and years of experience in Computers, I still have a hunger to acquire more knowledge.

Thus, I aim to pursue Masters in Computer Science from Rivier University. I am certain that this study, and the opportunity to read for modules on computer security under the guidance of Professor RIABOV and would help further improve my understanding in Computer Science and will bring me closer to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a good software Engineer in life. I also look forward to interacting and learning from the multifarious, multicultural, and global student body at your University, which will ensure my individual and academic growth. I am certain that my passion, diligence, and prior experience will help me face up to the exigencies of reading for a Masters course in Computer Science with specialization on Data base management system (DBMS), and thus, I look forward to a favorable response.

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