Leader I Want To Be: Why I Want To Be A Leader

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Being a viable leader can be trying on occasion. There are numerous ways one can approach leading and there are a few techniques that work better for some. An important inquiry for leaders to consider at a time in their lives is: What do I need my legacy to be? Pondering the response to this inquiry in detail can enable a leader to make sense of how they need to leave an effect on this world. To me, a legacy is the way taken by a leader, which is explored by the leader’s convictions, measures and morals. It is basically the effect or change the leader has caused because of their activities and practices. How have others watched the leader, and how have they changed accordingly? The response to this inquiry can be either great or awful, contingent upon the values of the leader. In reality, a number of legacies have been stained by a single activity. How can a leader positively influence to their full potential and leave something others can benefit from?

These inquiries have no straightforward answer. While I am as yet uncertain where my future will take me, or rather where I will take my future, I do realize that whatever I am taking a shot at and whomever that might be with, I need to be a leader who can leave a positive effect. In my opinion, I need to be a leader who is humble and grateful, and who understands the numerous blessing I have been given, frequently undeservedly. Recognizing these strokes of favorable luck, yet in addition offering back to other people who have not been so blessed is an objective that I have as a leader. I need to be a leader who shows others how it’s done, who is a decent good example, who makes the best choice, regardless of the situation. I need to be an approachable and sympathetic leader. Being feared isn't an objective of mine. To me, a strict leader passes up the chance to get positive analysis or criticism. I need to dependably be the sort of leader who individuals feel they can come to with inquiries, concerns, or analysis. In the meantime, I need to make individuals feel tested as I have been tested, yet additionally acknowledged and comfortable to express insights and thoughts. I need to be a leader who listens well and reacts to other people.

These objectives, will in some capacity, help me build a legacy, which could have positive effect, be that as it may, to achieve these objectives will require me to be motivational, optimistic, consistent and determined to go the additional mile. There will always should be that smidgen of additional effort that can have a major influence in leaving an effect on others, regardless of whether it is making a point to thank somebody for their diligent work, or contacting the individuals who are in need, or to the individuals who just had a terrible day. I should be aware of my conduct, and myself, making the inquiry: How am I perceived by others? What's more, what can I do to emphatically affect the people I work with and the general population who I meet in my day to day life.

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