Essay Samples on Driving

An Added Element To Your Helmet-2019

Experience our riding hours to the fullest we don’t want any proponent of distractions that’s for sure. But if we look deeper into it safety gears like helmets cover some aspects of them to keep the wind and flies out of eyes and to secure…

Social-Economic Effects Of Road Traffic Congestion In Nairobi

Traffic Congestion: Definition and History of Congestion DefinitionWaweru (2012) defines congestion as a situation where the demand for road space exceeds the supply. This definition makes use of the two central characteristics of congestion, namely: the inadequacy of available road space for use, and the…

Visibility Degradation On The Road

Adverse weather situations such as fog, mist, smoke, or haze present numerous challenges to drivers, including strong negative visual effects and decreasing the ability to see through the air. These challenges arise because of the luminance contrast reduction which is truly relevant to driving safety…

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