Dangers and Penalties Behind Drunk Driving

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Many people know the great dangers, and penalties of drinking and driving, however, people still decide to break the law and put others lives at risk. From the passenger to anyone driving in the streets, all those lives can be at risk when someone drives drunk. Deaths caused by intoxicated drivers has become one of the topmost dangerous, statistics show. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), researched that in 2009 out of 37 thousand people that died in car accidents, about 11.5 thousand of them were caused by drunk driving. When you do the math and calculate the numbers, it comes out to about 32% of deaths are caused by drinking and driving, scary huh? When we put it from a different perspective, about every 45 minutes a person has lost their life due to an intoxicated driving car accident. That should really be an awakening for people to start taking this matter more seriously.

When a person consumes too much alcohol, and conducts an automobile, is known as a drunk driving violation. For most states, the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration is at. 10, while several states have decreased the rate to. 08. One drink per hour is the extent and typical adult can metabolize alcohol. Defined by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration one drink equals to 12 ounces of beer, 1.5 ounces of distilled alcohol, or 5 ounces of wine. Every one of these drink amounts equal the same intensity of alcohol.

From a very young age, people are taught to say no to drinking and driving, we are taught of the serious penalties that come with drinking and driving, but for some reason we disregard it as we grow older. The number of underage drinkers going behind the wheel, have increased over the years. Study shows that younger people are at larger probability than older individuals. This is for the reason that elder individuals have possibly been consuming alcohol for a great amount of years and may have a greater alcohol tolerance, while the younger people may just be beginning. Though, a lot of young people tend to move in larger groups and will take taxis or cabs, hence that only 10% of drinking and driving accidents are caused by drivers who are 21 years of age or younger. However, the issue of underage drinking is still there. It gets people questioning where these underage drinkers are getting the product from. Some might use fake ids to purchase the drinks on their own, or others can simply get it from their own homes. With no doubt, there are still crooked businesspeople who do not obey by the law and will sell to underage clients as long as they make their money.

Consumption of alcohol can also negatively affect the awareness and ability for one to operate a vehicle, which is why drunk driving accidents are caused. When a person drives, they use their eyes, feet, and hands in order to have control of the vehicle. In order for one to properly control their eyes, feet, or hands, the driver needs their brain to function. Driving requires a fast-moving environment, and one must be conscious, vigilant, and capable to make quick-thinking choices at all moments. There’s a certain order on how alcohol affects your body. It’ll firstly affects your brain, mainly your ability of reasoning. Even at a low level of blood alcohol of. 02 percent, your capability to project ahead of time, think evidently, reason, and make sound choices is lessened. There are many things you must concentrate on at once, while driving, you must to focus on the velocity, other nearby traffic, and the position of the car. The minute you stop paying attention to the road, a crash can occur right before your eyes. Drunk drivers with a short attention length, who get sidetracked effortlessly, are the resultants of many road traffic accidents.

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Intoxication can affect your ability to properly understand or perceive road signs, indications, and settings you need to respond quickly to keep you safe on the road. It may also leave you easily confused or unable to respond in an emergency situation. Alcohol can affect your ability to regulate the motion of your eyes and see clearly. It can slow down the work of your eye muscle and minimize peripheral vision, studies show that drunk drivers have a long tendency to focus on a single point and are therefore less conscious of vital peripheral areas. Alcohol may also have a detrimental impact on your ability to measure depth and range. You may also find yourself driving with blurred vision, or with decreased color sensitivity and night vision.

Not only can alcohol give you blurry vision, but it will slow down the impulses and lower the capability to recognize and respond to changing settings rapidly. Researches show that alcohol-influenced drivers are unable to respond to stimuli as fast as they are when they are sober. Your response time could reduce speed down by as much as 15 to 25 percent due to your impaired ability and management. A reduced reaction time can result in injuries or deaths involving accidents and collisions. Alcohol can also impair your ability to assess your place on the lane, as well as the direction of the centerline, road signs, and other vehicles around you.

Nevertheless, some people know the consequences of drinking and driving while other might not. One main consequence is, going to jail/prison. No person likes to think about the chance of going to jail, and being restricted to a prison cell, for many people, is an idea that they can almost not picture. But then again, if you are caught under the influence of alcohol, going to jail or prison could just be precisely what will occur to you. If you produce any harm while drinking or driving, such as hitting another person or causing property damage with your car, jail time may well be extended to more than one or two nights. In reality, you can spend many years in jail if you trigger a fatality.

If you are arrested while drinking and driving and cited for the incident, affect to your insurance percentage is not a surprise, when a DUI is convicted to your name. This is mostly because insurance percentages are partly based on your threat as a driver. A driver at a higher risk of crash liability has to pay a higher amount of coverage. If you are alleged of driving while you are under influence or driving while you are impaired, the insurance company will likely identify you as a high risk, and your premiums will increase as an immediate consequence.

Not only will your insurance premiums skyrocket, but you are stuck with an expensive DUI ticket, which is not inexpensive at all. You may also be responsible for legal costs and fines, civil penalties (if you cause harm or damage to an additional party), and you may be required to pay charges to reinstate your license. Drunk driving can even cause greater consequences, such as losing an important work-related license. A drinking conviction while driving is a serious offense in various businesses that precedes to the termination of employment or the withdrawal of a qualified license. If your role is one of respect or reputation, or if you are employed by a local or state government, this is even more probable. If any of these occupations are found drinking and driving, physicians, nurses, attorneys, teachers, public figures, police officers and others can all be at risk of losing their jobs and licenses.

Lastly, the example drunk drivers set for their families and or loved ones, is not a nice one. Drinking and driving is far more than just putting you and others at risk on the public road, it also allows those you love and care for, that it is acceptable to drink and drive. In failing to sustain a sensible standard, you are also telling, those who are most dear to you, that driving under the influence is appropriate. If you are concerned for your friends, family, and kids ' lives and safety, it is very critical to make it clear that drinking and driving is not correct. Without a doubt, drinking and driving is a highly important topic, that should be taken with more seriousness. However, the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths per 100,000 populaces has decreased more than two-thirds since 1982. Specific numbers of the problem have changed. Therefore, we are actually minimizing the amount of alcohol-related traffic deaths. But we cannot be satisfied and better can be done for the future.

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