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Songkhla and Penang: Two Aspects in Two Different Cities

Songkhla is a province of southern Thailand, whereas Penang is a state in northern Malaysia. Although there is a border between Thailand and Malaysia nowadays, southern Thailand and Malaysia had been in the same kingdom before the colonial separated them and brought cultural diversity to...

Tower of Silence and Isolation in the City

Life inside the concrete city was the most terrifying and mind torturing experience I’ve ever had. Keeno; a city unknown to most, where staying off the grid is top priority. Its location isolated, deep inside a desert surrounded by natural dull mountains of sand. The...

Travel Into Social and Affordable Housing

Rapid increment and, particularly, increasing urbanization, have created shelter one among the foremost vital challenges presently facing African nation. Increasing overcrowding, declining quality of housing and access to housing services characterize a lot of of the housing stock in African nation. The housing challenges ar...

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