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Living in the City and Cambodia’s Future Development

Phnom Penh city is where I grow up. Living in the city, I have never lacked any support. I have such opportunities as being able to consume good education, having more health facilities, and spending time in various social environments. In terms of educations and...

Local Environment And Community Of My Home City Ranchi

The city I am living is beautify by its nature and the environment. The city of water fall, hills and valley with its surrounding. I live in the heart of Jharkhand the capital of Ranchi which is located in Eastern India. Due to industrials area...

My Home Town 20 Years Ago and Today

Have you ever been to my homeland today or in the past? Let me tell about my homeland. All people around the world have a home town and they can see how it changes every day. Also, changing assists to develop the country and it...

The Facts about My Hometown

The hometown that I grew up in is the big city of Charlotte North Carolina. In Charlotte the weather is very much so average. The summers are hot and muggy and the winters are cold and wet. Charlotte is located right in the middle of...

Some Interesting Information About My City Dehradun

Dehradun, the state capital of Uttarakhand is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. This valley has the Ganga River on its east and the Yamuna River on its west. The city's natural serene and pleasing climate along with green environs, natural springs and various...

Central London Scenery at Night

Above the cracked, ashy pavements of Central London rose the milky exterior of Melton Square. The dustbins outside rattled fiercely as the wind echoed through the surrounding trees like a freight train. There were two sides to the apartment blocks; one side was urban chic,...

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