Living in the City and Cambodia’s Future Development

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Phnom Penh city is where I grow up. Living in the city, I have never lacked any support. I have such opportunities as being able to consume good education, having more health facilities, and spending time in various social environments. In terms of educations and opportunities, I was able to attend the university and to become a journalist. Because of where I live determined what I will be. Been able to express and contributed to society throughout volunteerism has always been my passion, fighting for rights and transparency has always been my goal. The future of press freedom will rely on our human resources to achieving together. By knowing their rights, understanding their social, and able to express and communicate is only through knowledge. 

The current problem is there are a lot of universities both public and private concentrate in the city while none in the rural area. 19.7% of students dropouts high school every year. That has been a huge challenge to a student who wants to perceive more education in the city since they have to spend a lot of money on basic needs and daily spending, yet living in the city is expensive. When they gave up their education, the country will be lack of human resources. Cambodia’s future development is based significantly on a variety of human resources. 

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Yet the understanding situation of the country, human rights, and the ability to contributed to society, we rely on our human resources. Located at the southern as the outskirts of the city, is where homeless, former farmers, and small children gather around both day and night collecting junks for sale in exchange for foods. Stung Meanchey municipal waste dumb supported many farmers that could not earn enough income by farming. 

More than 2,000 people, about 600 children depend their life on 6 hectares’ dump as a scavenger. A life on garbage dumb is not easy as the air is stink which causes a huge impact on their health especially those small children when they are in a stage of growing up. Moreover, the funded on social welfare systems such as education, insurance, medical treatment, and public services are sharply circumscribed that make Cambodia is facing a great challenge to sustaining strong economic growth as a lower-middle-income economy. 

These problems have always a big concern for the country and the change in these problems is the only way to solve them. Cambodia can find the pathways to maintaining strong and sustainable growth with poverty reduction and solve most of the issues by building strong growth in both the quality and quantity of the education system. The change will consume a lot of time and cost a lot of money, yet the country will become a huge development in the future with that we can create a tranquil in the smooth life of every citizen. Start changing by dealing with a group of mind-set people who belongs to a particular condition that alters their mind and their concern on education changes the way they react. 

As a young citizen, dealing with the government by fighting for the change there will be many such issues that have created both social and political imbalance in the country. I want to be a better citizen and make my own country a better place. I am building myself, and I find the way to be a bridge in between to communicate behalf of the citizen to the government. Because giving voice to a voiceless is a strength of the future. By doing this alone will be difficult to make a difference yet all these issues can only be solved through mutual efforts of citizens, non-government organizations, and the support from ministries of Cambodia. If these are resolved correctly or even get reduced, Cambodia will directly show results on the development of the nation and thus the development of each citizen’s lifestyle. Awareness may perhaps be where it starts. Many steps more are needed to bring for a new face to Cambodia.  

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