The Process Of Urbanization Of Rural Life To The City Life In India

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In India, a spot, district or region is a town or a provincial region with respect to the populace thickness if the populace is more than 400 individuals in a square kilometer region. Clear outline by limits without city board and furthermore when 75 percent of the populace is agronomically locked in. As indicated by Census report, 72 percent of the Indian populace lives in country zones (Sharma,2009). For urban regions, the populace must be over 400 for every square kilometer. Urban zones are additionally recognized by their assembled condition and 75 percent of the populace isn't associated with any agrarian exercises not at all like in rustic territories.

Life in the Village

India’s rural areas have more than 50,000 villages which are characterized by a serene environment and a tranquil environment. The rural areas are free form air pollution. Life in the rural areas is characterized by:

Manual labor making the life there very intensive and tiresome too. Most villages in India are remotely located making accessibility to the areas very difficult (Sharma,2009). This is highly contributed by the high altitudes as well as lack of infrastructure such as road networks. This makes the villages very basic and the conditions hence become very primitive. This also is as a result of lack of electricity and piped water.

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Proper health facilities are also a huge problem since they are unavailable in rural areas. This worsens the health conditions of the villagers since accessing proper health care incase of any outbreak is hard. Latest reports indicate that about 57 million children in India’s rural areas are malnourished (Sharma,2009). Education which is a necessity in the twenty first century also is at stake in the villages due to lack of infrastructure making the standards very low.

India’s rural areas practice landlord-ship which is a system where only the few rich people can own land pushing the levels of poverty to greater heights since the rich continues to be rich and the poor continues to be poor since they are highly exploited by the rich (Sharma,2009). The caste system is also practiced in the villages which has continued to add into the woes of the poor.

City life

In India Urban life is a cake walk as compared to the rural life. Cities in India are well supplied with basic amenities such as water, infrastructure, electricity and health facilities. This makes the life in the city more habitable as well as comfortable. However, the comfortability has made the population in urban areas to continually increase by every dawning day.

Education is at its best in urban areas since facilities are adequately available. This makes those who have acquired their education from the urban centers to be more qualified. This has ensured that people from the urban centers have a competitive edge hence landing the bet jobs in the employment market (Priyadarshini Bai, & Ravikumar,2016). Due to high development in the urban areas in India, jobs are available where one is paid for the effort, they put in which is better off by far than the rural life. Since the life in urban areas is free of discrimination unlike rural areas which are characterized by caste systems, people in the urban areas tend to have equal opportunities of making it.

Nevertheless, the air in the urban areas are highly polluted taking away the serene atmosphere which is admired by everyone and as a result, diseases are highly contractable unlike in the villages.

Despite the benefits and the negative marks clarified in ach zones, they are both similarly imperative to the nation. Both need to exist for the nation to flourish. This is claiming both regions rely upon one another. Rustic territories produce the crude materials for instance utilized in the assembling segments which are arranged in the urban zones and which are enormous the biggest activity offerors the other hand the country zones fill in as the market for the fabricated products.

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