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Songkhla and Penang: Two Aspects in Two Different Cities

Songkhla is a province of southern Thailand, whereas Penang is a state in northern Malaysia. Although there is a border between Thailand and Malaysia nowadays, southern Thailand and Malaysia had been in the same kingdom before the colonial separated them and brought cultural diversity to...

Tower of Silence and Isolation in the City

Life inside the concrete city was the most terrifying and mind torturing experience I’ve ever had. Keeno; a city unknown to most, where staying off the grid is top priority. Its location isolated, deep inside a desert surrounded by natural dull mountains of sand. The...

Local Environment And Community Of My Home City Ranchi

The city I am living is beautify by its nature and the environment. The city of water fall, hills and valley with its surrounding. I live in the heart of Jharkhand the capital of Ranchi which is located in Eastern India. Due to industrials area...

History And Character Of The City Of Rome

Rome, Italian Roma, notable city and capital of Roma provincia (territory), of Lazio regione (district), and of the nation of Italy. Rome is situated in the focal bit of the Italian landmass, on the Tiber River around 15 miles (24 km) inland from the Tyrrhenian...

Los Angeles: Most Populous City In USA

Los Angeles is one of the USA’s most populous city. It is the most exciting city in the business of tourism. It has a population of over three million people. Los Angeles is a city like no other. It is a fascinating city and has...

New York City: A City of Skyscrapers

New York, the so-called “City of skyscrapers”, one of the metropolitan wonders of the modern and “ancient” world. Land full of cultural variety, in the sight of people from all over the world to make their dreams come true and succeed. The city that saw...

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